The best movies and TV shows on Netflix right now (Nov. 2019)

Source: PxHere


Right as the sequel comes out, Netflix blesses audiences with the first installment of the comedy cult classic. Witty, gory, and full of A-list actors; this is the perfect movie to play during a movie night party where there are many different tastes in the crowd.


The breakout film for Jonah Hill is a must-see for any comedy fanatic. If a viewer isn’t automatically drawn to this simply because it was Seth Rogan writing in his prime, then they must watch it merely for the most iconic and hilarious police officer characters of all time. Even though it is full of laughs, the message is something that every young person can relate to the fear of moving on from high school friends.


Chris Lilley is a master of portraying unique characters, but at the same time connecting the character with someone cooky we all know in real life. He brings the wittiness of “Summer Heights High” with the added variety of featuring many more characters in different locations all around the world.


Netflix right now carries both the movie and TV version of this sci-fi blockbuster, in which Bradley Cooper is cast in both. It will leave you questioning why your writer’s block cannot be magically fixed by a little pill. It also makes you wonder if that pill does exist, and only the top people have access to it.

Gerald’s Game

Do not watch this one alone, because you will soon not feel so alone. The genuine possibility of having your husband die after handcuffing you to the bed in a remote woodland cabin makes this movie even scarier. Especially when you mix it will hallucinations caused by malnutrition and an interesting twist near the end.


A very low-budget but highly interesting movie that takes place in only one room the whole movie with a group of strangers who have to decide who the one person is among them who gets to live. It shows just how far people will go to survive even if they can only talk to convince others of their worth.

The Office

Do I really need to explain this one?

Gossip Girl

Good, old-fashioned drama and hot characters who are developed well. What more could one ask for to binge mindlessly on a rainy day? Even though it can get quite over the top, it is still believable given the vast wealth the majority of the characters possess, and the real-life examples of the antics rich teens get up to.


Heathers is the ultimate cult classic teen drama that covers all the bases: suicide, popularity, school bombings, bullying, LGBT issues, and even murder. This movie is perfect for a girl or guy’s night in with some popcorn and pajamas.

Forensic Files

Every parent’s favorite genre: murder shows! In all seriousness, this show provided true-life entertainment that can also help you avoid ending up like one of the episodes. It shows how far science and crime-fighting have come and personally give me confidence that if I am murdered, at least the police will be able to find my killer from the mustache hair he/she accidentally left at the scene.