Tasting-time at The Vintage food and wine festival


Many foodies have discovered that being hungry in San Juan Capistrano is a great problem to have. Trying some of the town’s sought-after favorites is an experience to remember. The Vintage food and wine festival, which takes place annually at the Mission, allows local restaurants to serve generous portions of their signature dishes to appease the palates of those who attend.

“When the Mission is lit up at night, it becomes magical and [is] a time where everyone can just come together and enjoy the event,” said Mark Bodenhamer, CEO of San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s a video of some happy-faced locals experiencing tasteful portions of different kinds of food and drink offered by participating restaurants.

San Juan Capistrano’s Mission held the 18 annual Vintage event Saturday evening Oct. 4. and this year Steve Fretgang was honored at the front entrance.

“Steve was a crucial part of getting the Vintage event together,” said Stephanie Frisch board of directors of San Juan’s chamber of Commerce. “He is being commemorated this year and only died 2 weeks ago.”

Frisch said he was one of the founders of the event and will be missed by many.

There were bright-colored bikes ready for raffle along with wicker baskets filled with all sorts of items and Jennifer Murphy, Renee Faukner and Christi Panuzzo…silent auction chairpersons feel that the silent auction is such a great addition to the Vintage every year!

“The economy is getting better but hopefully business’s will start to recognize that donating items does help raise money for the Chamber,” Panuzzo said.” It is a big job for us as we gather items but it also draws a lot of people to the event.”

“I love this towns amazing people, businesses, and the love of the community all under the stars of the Mission with food drinks and laughter and community spirit! The Vintage event is the best of the year, thank you chamber!,” said Suzy Fisher, Five vines wine bar owner.

John Muniz from Guapas tapas said it’s also his favorite event here in San Juan and every year it keeps getting better, great food, great people, and an amazing time. He owns a restaurant directly across from Five Vines. Guapas Tapas is more than just a tapas bar, it’s family own.

A’s Burgers says the work put into the event is worth every bit of it.

“This event is so much fun and a great way to spread the love at As burgers,”said Anaheed Najmzadeh, 18,Engineer Major who works at A’s.

Its not uncommon for those that live local to recognize each other, it seems to be sort of the event’s trademark. For instance the band Family Style has played at the event annually and has a following within the area.

“I enjoy coming here to watch the event and I’ve known the guys in the band since college.” said Mike Rowan, a local accountant. ” I’ve seen them in many locations around town.”

If you missed out and want to reserve tickets for next year you can find information at: