Taking Jesus out of Easter Sunday

All over world last Sunday, different types of Christians celebrated their most important holiday, the resurrection of Christ. But does one need to hold religious faith to celebrate the message of renewal, optimism or redemption? Couldn’t an atheist perhaps, incorporate this universal idea into their Easter Sunday without holding strong biblical convictions?

Bridget Cuevas, 24, transferred to University of California, Berkeley, from Saddleback College this spring. She is currently studying the practice of art and is applying her former art studies at Saddleback to her newly-found interests at Berkeley.

During a Q&A on the subject of Easter, she reflected on what the holiday means to her, regardless of her absent faith in Christianity. While Cuevas may believe in Jesus as much as she does in the Easter bunny, she does reminisce on her childhood pastimes. To her, and many other non-believers Easter, as well as Christmas and other religious holidays don’t represent Christianity as much family traditions and unity.

What did you do on Easter Sunday?

I spent this Sunday collecting footage for a video assignment I’ve been working on. Afterwards, I went to work for eight hours. It was a nightmare, but time in a half isn’t. Now, breaching midnight, I’m working on a presentation for a installation due in three days. If I didn’t have work, I would have spent the day filming and working on homework.

Do you have any emotional ties to the holiday?

Not particularly. If anything it evokes a longing to be home, to see my family, and enjoy their company and time.

What do you think the holiday represents in today’s society?

Well, for those who celebrate the holiday; the resurrection of Christ. Otherwise, perhaps for those not as faithfully intertwined it may simply represent a holiday that involves, family, friends, food, chocolate, photos with a costumed rabbit, jellybeans, loads of painted eggs, looking for the egg with the best treasure inside, and pastel colored clothing.

Do you think that the alleged resurrection of an alleged prophet from 3000 years ago has relevance to the nature of this time?

Resurrection will remain relevant as the spring season envelopes a time of rebirth and growth.