Surfing past deaths’ doorstep

Sebastian Steudtner 32 yrs, big wave surfer of Nuremberg Germany, back at the beginning of the year rode world of the biggest recorded waves in history in Nazare France on January 18th 2018.

When the event occured the video was shared by many media platforms and loads of people saw and shared the video. Since then, the video had almost been forgotten since its occurrence, until recently when the video was submitted and nominated for “Billabongs Wave of the Year” award in late August a well known award ceremony in the surfing community. This re-sparked and sky rocketed the videos share and view number once again and the video now has millions of views on many different sights. Here is Billabongs rendition and nomination of the crazy video:

Sebastian has been big wave surfing for many years but said that this by far was the scariest and biggest wave he has ever dropped in on. Many surfers were shocked by the direction he choose going across the wave section and call it a “very close call.” Most the time big wave surfing is truly a sport riding edge of life and death. To put in perspective what big wave surfers have against them, are scary factors like that the water pressure at 20 feet underwater water is enough to easily rupture the human eardrum (let alone drowning) which is daunting taking into consideration Sebastian’s’ wave was estimated to be over 80 feet. Death is most certainly hovering over head for big wave surfers especially here at Nazare point in Portugal, France where it frequently gets some of the largest measured waves in history, topping some of the greatest American breaks like Jaws (Hawaii) and Mavericks (California). Sebastian now on the top of his profession is now winding down into an off year after years of training for this moment. His next plans are to travel with the family to other less menacing surf spots.