Super Friends club holds a Valentines Day social

Members of the Super Friends Club join together to make cards, play games and eat ice cream. (Lariat/ Austin Weatherman)

Members of the Super Friends Club join together to make cards, play games and eat ice cream. (Lariat/Austin Weatherman)

The Super Friends Club of Saddleback College had an average to low turn out with approximately 20 students in attendance for their Valentines Day Social on Monday. Those at the event were able to play board games, choose music and eat ice cream.

“These events are for kids that don’t have friends or many friends you can come here,” said Vice President Igor Lolos.

Lolos also said it wasn’t necessary to have a date because it was about more than ice cream and cards it was about being together.

Ice cream isn’t a bad idea for these parties because the clubs inventory was wiped clean a little after half way through.

“My favorite flavor is chocolate with any type of topping,” Lolos said.

“We sent out emails and now everyone can come,” said Club president Devon.

Super Friends Club now has an email list that includes all members of the club and sends out notifications of upcoming events.

Mike Haggot, Director of Super Friends Club said the event had plenty of people that were from the club and not. According to Haggott certain event have upwards of 100 attendees if the event was advertised enough.

There is not an immediate follow up event. However, an annual bonfire is scheduled for May and is usually a popular event for the club. Super Friends members meet every other Tuesday storming up ideas for their next party.

“The students come up with events,” Haggott said.

Past socials for the club include going to out for to the movies, sports events, Halloween costume parties and day trips that include taking a train. The only limitation is being a current student at saddleback.

“We are planning a party in May and maybe one even sooner,” Lolos said.

Lolos suggested there could be an April fools or even St. Patrick’s Day event in the near future but nothing set in stone.