Students’ first date horror stories that make you say WTF

Savannah Burns (left), Cade Dewey (right), Mcdonald’s

The young dating scene is not always like what you see in “High School Musical” or “Gossip Girl.” Sometimes dating can be a little messy, awkward or even just boring. Here are some awkward date stories told by Saddleback students.

Surprise dinner for two

“One time I went out with a guy and it was pretty fun at first. We watched the waves crash at the jetty in Dana Point, then walked some of the trails above at the cliffs. Later, he asked if I wanted to go out and get lunch and I mean I said sure but said I wasn’t too hungry so wanted something small and we had the little bicker of ‘who chooses where we go.’ He said he knew where to go and I just said okay. Didn’t ask where cause I kind of like little surprises or whatever. He started driving and the next thing I knew he turned into the gigantic COSTCO parking lot. I was thinking “there is no way” and he raved about how it was cheap and how good it was, I’m not gonna totally argue with that logic that Costco food can hit the greasy craving sometimes, but I don’t know I guess I just have slightly classier expectations for first dates. He actually ended up making me pay after I listened to him complain about how long and slow the line was. Then he made a big stink about how they didn’t have the sandwich he likes anymore or whatever and had to “settle” with the pizza. I don’t know if I was being dramatic for being so turned off from the situation but I did not go back out with him for a second date. Maybe I was afraid he’d take me to McDonald’s for our second date and tell me I could only order off the value menu I don’t know.” Lucy, 19

Date swap

“I met this boy at a party and he got my number from a mutual friend. He asked me out on a double date and the boys were both 24 and the other girl was 25 or 26. They all knew each other before, so I already felt a little on the outside. We went bowling, and halfway through the date, she started telling my date how hot he was and sat on his lap for 30 minutes showing him videos on her phone while he scratched her back. Then it was like we switched dates. The other boy was SO flirty and kept trying to hold my hand and get my number and stuff. At the end of a very long night, my original date walked me to the door and apologized for “getting caught talking” to the other girl and asked if I’d go out with him again. I just laughed and went inside my apartment.”Anna, 20

Cringey Makeout Scene 

“My friend had been dating this girl in my grade and she had a friend who was a freshman. For some reason we were in the same class area at the same time so we would all talk and I got to know her. We decided to go to the beach as a group date thing and I was cool with it. I had been told this girl liked me and had been talking to her for a little while. We went to the beach and we hadn’t been there for five minutes when my friend and his girlfriend just started making out right in front of us. Like straight up next to me. I was pretty awkward and didn’t know what to do so I just made small talk with the other girl trying ignoring them. My friend was still making out with his girlfriend and showed no signs of stopping around the 30 minute mark. Eventually we kind of just silently sat there for half an hour or more until they stopped making out. We left and I don’t think I ever talked to her again.” Hunter, 20

Don’t Trust Group Pics!

“I went on this one blind date but I had looked for his picture on instagram and when my friend pointed to him I was like oh okay!  …. then we get to the date of bowling and then dinner and it’s this huge group of guys and the guy coming to ‘go on a date with me’ was a different one that i thought. He was not cute at all and I felt awkward all night because he thought I wanted to date him but it was his friend who wasn’t even there” Mckenzie, 20

Good Movie > Mediocre Makeout 

“I went to the movies with this guy that’s a grade older than me while I was a junior. He didn’t pick me up and wanted to meet at the movies. Whatever. So we get there and it was an awesome movie that I was really into. He was trying to make out the entire time but I didn’t want to because the movie was so good. At the end I was asking him about what he thought of the movie and it’s critique on society and he had no clue what I was talking about so he just kept saying ‘oh yeah.’ After the dead conversation I awkwardly left.” Riley, 20