Staff says: what do you listen to on your way to work to get you excited?

Doug Barr, part-time counselor. Maren Schwartz/Lariat

“I listen to sports talk,” said Doug Barr, retired faculty part-time counselor. “I hardly ever listen to music.”

Barr said he will listen to any type of sports radio. 

“Most of the news makes me sick and I’m a sports addict, so that’s what I listen to,” he said.

He added he went through stages of music and when he would listen to music, he picked jazz, which used to be through the Saddleback College radio station. 

Barr worked on campus faculty for 32 years and is retired and on part-time staff now. 

Chris Williams, counseling office assistant. Maren Schwartz/Lariat

“I listen to reggaeton,” said Chris Williams, counseling office assistant. 

Williams also said he frequently listens to National Public Radio, also known as NPR.

Riley Phelps, promise program success coach. Maren Schwartz/Lariat

“I typically listen to Calvin Harris or KIIS-FM on the way to school,” said Riley Phelps, promise program success coach. 

Phelps explained that Calvin Harris gets her excited for the day ahead of her. 

Nina Neild, instructional assistant with Sophano Van, student technical support assistant (left to right). Maren Schwartz/Lariat

“I listen to podcasts,” said Nina Neild, instructional assistant. “The reason is, I have a 30 minute commute, so I found that when I listen to music, I’m more likely to be angry while driving.”

Neild said she would rather listen to podcasts so she can enter her work day in a good mood. She thinks if there is something that annoys her, she is more likely to get angry faster when she listens to music. 

Her typical choice of music when she does not listen to podcasts is alternative rock and indie rock. 

“It just further enrages me. If I am listening to a podcast I just get distracted, having the podcast peacefully take over  so I’m not as annoyed,” she said.

“This morning I played ‘My Way’ by Usher on repeat the whole drive,” said Sophano Van, student technical support assistant. 

Van said Usher on repeat is all he needs to get his day started on the right track. 

Alicia Zach, librarian. Maren Schwartz/Lariat

“I listen to Spotify,” said Alicia Zach, librarian. “I am listening to 2010 mix on Spotify. I listen to Jason Mraz and David Gray.”

She said she feels like the music you listen to reflects a certain point in your life and takes you back to a time period in your life, which is why she chooses to listen to music from the 2010s.

Staff had a wide range of music to get their day started off on the right track. From podcasts to throwbacks, everyone had their personal preference.