Staff picks: the Lariat’s top 10 horror films

  • Image courtesy of Alliance Films.
    Image courtesy of Alliance Films.

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s showing! Costume stores are flooded with children, picking out their attire to show off to the neighborhood. Grocery store candy sales are in full effect, selling $2.7 billion  in 2016, according to USA Today. But what is a spooky holiday without freaky features? The Lariat staff picked their top 10 horror films and talked about their experience seeing the films.

Happy Halloween!



“I remember the first time I saw it I jumped during one scene and kicked my leg out.  Not only did I kick the seat of the person in front of me but I also got a muscle cramp from how tense and scared I was.”

– Ally Beckwitt


“Exorcism of Emily Rose”

“Demonic possession? There’s nothing scarier than that, am I right? I was 11 when I saw this film. The result…three nights of sleeping on the floor of my parents room and me disabling every fire alarm in my house.”

– Colin Reef


“The Village”

“I enjoyed how The Village is a great thriller, without a lot of blood and guts, so I didn’t have to have nightmares for days by watching it. My favorite take away is that it is a love story about a heroine who stops at nothing to do what is right, despite facing challenges and deception. It’s just creepy enough to keep you interested, but won’t leave you scarred.”

– Diana Tomseth


“Sixth Sense” 

“The Sixth Sense is the only movie I’ve had to re-watch immediately to make sure I’m not losing my marbles. It’s scary because it’s deeper than you think, showing more realistic nightmares like being a parent that doesn’t know what’s wrong their kid or regret.”

– Joseph Felming


“The Conjuring” 

“During the hand clap scene I think I jumped a solid foot out of my chair in the theatre. Scariest scene by far.”

– Hanna Petersen


“Evil Dead 2”

“Evil Dead 2 is a great example of how to make the best out of a bad situation in a horror film. Ash saws off his own possessed hand and replaces it with the chainsaw he used to cut it off…Groovy.”

– Adam Gilles



“Halloween has that classic scare to it, nothing scared me more than that Micheal mask when I was younger, or that theme song.”

– Maria Marquez



“Rich white people ruin hotels. I don’t like vacationing anymore.”

– Austin Weatherman


“The Babadook”

“If you love to scream “what are you doing, get out!” and offer other warnings and commentary at the tv while watching a horror movie, you picked a great one.”

– D.j. McAllister



“I don’t care how cheesy the movie Pumpkinhead is. People should watch it just to learn the moral that seeking revenge will only cause you more pain. Things can get ugly real quick. Especially if you turn to an Appalachian mountain witch to conjure up a grotesque humanoid creature to do the job.”

– Daniela Sanchez


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