Show me the Qpid!

Kristen Wilcox

“ is solving a real problem by meeting users where they are with smart product design and useful technology. This is public health for the 21st century!” Roni Zeiger, Former Google Chief Health Strategist and current CEO of Smart Patients. Taken from website is a free website that allows users 13-years and older to share their STD status with others. The website was founded by Ramin Bastani after he was slapped in the face for asking a girl if she had been tested. The website encourages safe sex and empowers users to make better health decisions by being able to obtain and share records on command.

     To utilize the site users first get tested, a Testing Locator is available to find health care providers. After testing users sign up to request and receive results using a records request template which gets faxed to the users health care provider. The provider then faxes the results directly to the users account. Results can be shared  via text message or an online link. is designed so that results may not be searched by other users or google. Results will only be shared with the users authorization, results are also only allowed from health care providers so users may not update their own status, ensuring accuracy. Shareable results include: HIV: PCR/RNA, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, HPV vaccine, and Hepatitis A.

     According to’s press release “26% of males and 36% of females failed to use a condom during sex with someone they met on spring break.” Also “74% of males and nearly 88% of females reported never or rarely worrying about STDs/HIV, even though they were at risk.” Jeffrey Klausner, Qpid.mes Medical Advisor and graduate from Cornell University Medical College is an advocate of the site. “ is the type of common sense advance thaat captures the opportunity of laws like HIPAA to mobilize health information and the individuals needs for timely information, in this case sexual health information. Such information may lead to a healthier and even more importantly, more honest successful sexual encounter. That would be revolutionary.” Klausner stated on website.