Taking ‘selfies’ is the new trend in photography and social media

Saddleback College, surrounded by green hills, makes it a good place for photography. Of course, not everyone is a professional photographer nor owns a professional camera, but if something is common now days, it is ownership of a smartphone.

According to emarketer.com at least seven out of 10 students own a smartphone, and by the end of 2016 is expected that will increase to almost 90 percent. Smartphones usually come with front-facing camera, and here is where the use of this front camera comes handy, for taking “selfies.”

The new social media and mobile devices have established a new trend in photography, where one takes a photo of himself or herself. It appears the trendy term is here to stay as even dictionary.com has adopted the new term in its reference database.

Daniel Pestolesi, 20-years old, broadcast journalism major, taking a "selfie."

Daniel Pestolesi, a 20-year-old broadcast journalism major, takes a selfie in front of the Learning Resource Center Building, on Jan 30, 2014, at Saddleback College. Mission Viejo, Calif. (photo/Marivel Guzman)


Selfie- Noun-a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website: selfies posted by teens on Twitter.


Connor Zhang, a 22-year old business major, uses his smartphone to capture selfies for Facebook and to share with friends.

“I find my front camera a useful tool, it allows me to take selfies and to use the chat capabilities of my phone,” Zhang said.

On the other hand, Harley Balling, an 18 year old photography major, takes so many selfies she has a separate folder on her phone. She also uses her professional camera for her self portraits.

“I’m part-time model and have to take many photos,” Balling said. “this is where selfies come handy.”