Saddleback’s holiday movie taste

The Lariat went around campus asking students what their favorite holiday movies are.

December is the month of holidays, which families come together to celebrate their own cultural beliefs. Some people might have memories of snowboarding in the mountains, or making treats with their grandparents. Another could be surrounded by their family near the television, watching a holiday movie.

Holiday movies are a major part of December since almost every big television channel has a special or movie playing throughout the month. While many of the movies cover similar themes or subject due to them being holiday movies, each one has a unique flair for each individual.

Several of Saddleback’s student were interviewed on what their favorite holiday film is. Each of the ten interviews selected from students is different, with each student having varying major to get a diverse response.


Home Alone

“I’m evil and I like watching the little kid make the guys run out of the house sad.” Said Chris Hibbler, an electrical engineering major.

“I think it’s funny.” Said Terra Pora, a business major.

Hibbler and Pora both shared alike for Home Alone’s violent and physical humor. It does have a heartfelt message on family since the main character does learn that he does love his family despite how chaotic the holiday season can make most families. Yet, most remember Macaulay Culkin torturing his home invaders in humorous ways.


The Polar Express

“I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, so just the familiarity of it.” Said Emily Getch, a liberal studies major.

“It’s just a great movie, like, I don’t know. The animations and stuff are really good. It’s a feel-good movie.” Said Even Plotnic, a communication studies major.

The Polar Express released in 2004, and it is most recently released among the movies in this article. It’s the story of a kid having the chance of a lifetime to take a train to the North Pole to see Santa Claus.

However, the main theme of the film is to retain that childhood wonder in the holidays that seemingly fades in adult. With chaos, capitalism, and real-life often transforms December into an endurance trial, The Polar Express serves as a reminder of the lost happiness that still remains.


Nightmare Before Christmas

“Tim Burton has always been a fun director to watch, and I really like Jack Skellington.” Alex Bloom, an agricultural business major.

The Nightmare Before Christmas flirts the line since it is both a holiday movie and a Halloween movie. Even so, Christmas and Halloween are not the primary focus of the movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has a focus on its characters, the setting of the world, and music. It is a unique holiday film that shares Christmas as a setting rather than focus, like Gremlins and Die Hard.


The Muppet Christmas Carol

“A Christmas Carol never got to me as a kid, I never liked the regular Christmas Carol. But you know, it’s the Muppets. How can you not like the Muppets? So the Muppets mixed with that classic tale, it’s pretty great.” Charlie Mansy, a theater major.

The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the many re-tellings of A Christmas Carol to be adapted to a movie. Only difference is the wacky and comedic fun that is provided by the Muppets.

Let’s face it, the original A Christmas Carol is scary and melodramatic to younger audiences. Might as well laugh instead of feeling down during the holidays.


Die Hard

“I’ve always liked cheesy action movies, always watched it growing up with my dad and Die Hard has always stuck with me.” Zach Thomas, a double major for music and theater.

Die Hard shares a similar vibe to The Nightmare Before Christmas, since Christmas serves more of a setting than the entire theme of the movies. Other than that, Die Hard is a far more violent and action-filled ride compared to many other holiday movies that happen to be around.



“I’ve been watching it like a Christmas tradition with my family every year, so it’s just like one of my favorites.” Sierra Setfin, a music theater major.

“I just like Will Ferrell.” Lorie Dearmen, business administration major.

“It’s just simple, it’s like one of those feel-good movies and it’s funny.” Said Cory Hague, a physics major.

It’s no secret that Will Ferrell in Elf is one of the funniest portrayals in a holiday movie. With the stupid humor that dots all the movie combined with the fun, playful that balances it, Elf is a classic holiday movie to many. Humor is only part of the reason that Elf is memorable since it ends with a really feel-good ending that serves to perfectly finish a comedy.

With that, these were some movies that Saddleback students enjoy to watch during the holidays. Hopefully everyone has a great winter break and enjoys some of their favorite holiday movies during that time.