Saddleback vs. Cypress College on Dec. 15

Powerhouse Abita Taylor making one of his many spectacular shots during the Dec. 15 game | JP Westerbeck

The Saddleback Bobcats beat the Cypress Chargers at the OEC opener

The Saddleback Bobcats successfully held their lead against the Cypress Chargers on Wednesday, Dec. 15, with the final score of 70-68 at Cypress College. This continues their win streak, now making it seven games in a row that they have dominated their opponents.

With more wins than losses this season, 8-4, the Bobcats played exactly how any team that had found their stride together plays. The movements and decisions felt coherent and strategic throughout the majority of the game. Many of the teammates had some serious poker-faces as well, even during the first half of the game. 

In comparison to the Chargers, the Bobcats looked like machines, unyielding and unshaken by their opponent’s lead during the first half. Saddleback’s defense found their groove during the second half of the game and made up the 55-47 score. Freshman guard Jimuel Reyes shot and successfully made a three-pointer which quickly cut Cypress’ lead to five.

According to the statistics on Saddleback College Athletics website on Dec. 13, “Saddleback is led in scoring by Atiba Taylor and Nick Bowden, who average 13.2 and 12.5 points-per-game, respectively. Derek Rubidoux leads the team with 4.4 rebounds-per-game while Bowden leads with 2.5 assists-per-game.”

With powerhouses like Taylor, Bowden and Rubidoux, the Bobcats will continue to play hot and are projected to win their upcoming games. Bowden, also known as #11, on the Bobcats team, scored a whopping 23 points in total against Mt. San Jacinto Eagles during the Dec. 11 game. Similarly, Taylor, also known as #1 and guard, led his teammates by scoring a game high of 20 points and 7 rebounds against Cypress. 

Teammates Jimuel Reyes and forward/center Gerald Jones III chipped in to the final score as well, although Taylor left little room for his teammates to shine with his performance. Reyes scored 14 and Jones III scored 14 when Saddleback finished shooting from the field. Taylor made a layup for a 68-64 advantage with one minute left on the clock, which gave the Bobcats their lead for the rest of the game.