Saddleback students reflect on the ending school year

Ryan Murphy | Lariat

As the spring semester is officially wrapping up, students were asked to reflect on their school year. Here are the questions they were asked:

How did this school year differ from your expectations?

What is a memorable moment from this school year?

What part of this school year challenged you the most?

What lessons will you take into your next school year?

Here are their responses: 

Jefferson Hostick, history major:

I was expecting I would get to know a lot of people just like me. Like a bunch of new people, like make new groups of friends and it would be like it’s a community college. So I was expecting there would be like a community there for me to join but in reality it seems like everyone just goes there to do their classes and leaves. Like I barely made any new friends besides mutual friends and there just isn’t like the community that’s promised. People just go there to leave and there’s like barely anyone there after 1 PM. 

Hanging out with my already established friends from high school cause we’re always going places nearby school after school.

The job fair where I almost got into a scam ring was a memorable part of this school year. 

The challenging part was it’s a lot easier than in high school to ditch classes so I feel like I missed too many classes than what I should have. 

The lessons I am taking from the school year that I need to actually step my game up and do all of my homework and actually show up to my classes or else my GPA can be too low to continue in life. 

Gabriel Picasso, chemical engineering major: 

This school year went okay, it isn’t the most lively school.

My roomate threw an apple out the window. 

School registration was hard to manage, some teachers were also unreasonable

I will have another roomate, focus more on class and talking more with my professor. And stop drinking so much. 

Jenna Stout, psychology major:

I had a crazy year lol. 

Meeting new people and getting close to you and JC and everyone was memorable. Some teachers were extremely empathetic. 

And some were rude, which is what challenged me. 

The lesson I learned was it’s better to just not be in school if you’re having a hard time as opposed to trying to toughen it out.  

Noah Ruiz, photography major:

The school year was different from my expectations because last semester I was “like oh my God” it fell behind in my classes and was horrible. But yeah I really put the effort to improve myself. 

A memory I had this year was when I went to LA on a field trip with my classmates and we met so many artists of these different backgrounds, they were so smart and intelligent and I just want to be just like them. 

A part of the school year that challenged me most was keeping on top to everything. Like I had a very low down scheduled like only 4 classes and even that was a challenge, and I’m really happy where I am. 

And what lessons will you take until your next school year, let me think about that. I think learned to take it more easy on myself. You know, like I have to know my limits in order for me to succeed I know that it isn’t much of a lesson but it’s an important thing to remember for me. 

Michael Murphy, undecided major:

I expected it to be doing all these tests and essays, but then I decided not to take those academic classes this year. And moreover, I decided against doing those things in the classes which demanded them. 

I had a lot of memorable moments from the school year like meeting new people particularly in my acting class and just going places like Santaros, going to the mall, meeting new people and trying out new things. And yeah, fun stuff.

I was briefly in an English class and it had challenging material. They require essays and it was an honors class so it was more complex. It was an interesting class because we had debates in the class but also it required too much writing and source citing. 

I think I learned that I have graduated from high school and since I graduated from grade 12, I don’t have to do the stuff I don’t want to do anymore so I learned to just take types of classes that I’m interested in taking.