Saddleback LoFI group welcomes all

LoFI included a vintage projector as table prop where sign-ups were taken. Alena Hernandez | Lariat

Saddleback College students and faculty came together to socialize at the Ladies of Film and Media Industry welcoming party on Sept. 15 outside Saddleback library. The LoFI welcome event included food, pastries, and music socialization amongst peers and the members of the organization. The LoFI welcome event was organized to encourage attendees to sign up for LoFI.

LoFI stands for Ladies of the film and media industry. LoFI is an organization that was created in 2019 by students, staff, and alums in the CTVR department at Saddleback College. 

LoFI’s goals are to promote inclusivity in the film and media industry, where female and LGBTQ students and alums with shared interests can come together. 

“The goal of LoFI is to provide platforms and different spaces for women to grow within the film and media industry while trying to get everyone included, whether that’s non-binary individuals, women, or men. We want to promote a space of equality through creation and collaboration,”  LoFI President Megan Malerie said. 

The LoFI welcoming event included informative flyers describing what LoFI offers its members. This consists of technical workshops and a comforting inclusive environment that provides support and opportunities for members to connect. 

LoFI hopes to bring more awareness to the lack of diversity shown throughout the film and media industry. The lack of representation is an issue that LoFI is actively tackling and that attendees at the event support of.

“It is a dire need for the department and the industry to raise the profiles of women and members of the LGBTQ community. We need to see more people in this field be successful,” said Saddleback Professor Hiro Konishi. 

Anyone interested in joining LoFi was encouraged to leave their information, leading to approximately 50 sign-ups, including Raquel Anguiano, 18.

“I liked how they talked about different groups, including race, gender, sexuality, and age, because some groups only have women, so I think it’s cool to have other representation from other minority groups who can work together,” Anguiano said.

LoFi has also recently held an annual film festival in which women and anyone from the LGBTQ community are encouraged to submit their work to participate. Maria Mayenzet, the faculty advisor for LoFI and faculty member in the CTVR department at Saddleback College, attended the last festival.

“It’s an opportunity for female filmmakers and LGBTQ filmmakers to bring their projects and have them screened at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana. Then we have an award ceremony and a panel discussion with the audience Q&A from the audience,” said Mayenzet.

The members of LoFi are eager for the group’s growth and anticipate that LoFI will create a trend. LoFI hopes they can motivate other schools to start making initiatives and a tradition of their own to help bring more awareness to inclusivity in the film and media industry and contribute to the ongoing development and growth of women and members of the LGBTQ community.

The next LoFI event is to be announced. Still, any students or alums interested in more information regarding workshops or signing up to be a part of LoFI are encouraged to visit the LoFI website to become a member.