Saddleback students and staff discuss Thanksgiving plans

Tyler Canzoneri, mechanical engineer major from Rancho Santa Margarita

“I am just spending time with family.” 

Rachel Roberts, office assistant in the student development department from Huntington Beach

“I have a large family and we are having a big thanksgiving breakfast and then going to my brother’s house with relatives for Thanksgiving dinner.” 

Andrew Korner, economics major from West Virginia

“Hanging out with family, make some food, and watch some football.”

Chris Hargreves, director of student development from Wichita, Kansas

 “My family and I are going to my sister in law’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.” 

PJ Barbasa, a work study in the Veterans office from the Philippines

“I will just be hanging out with my family.”

Emma Greenblat, a nursing major

 “I am going to Santa Monica and my family and I are going to have a big Thanksgiving feast.”

Ryan Douting, mechanical engineer major from Lake Forest

“I am just having family over for Thanksgiving.”

Carson Greyer, environmental science major from San Clemente

“I will be spending my Thanksgiving break at my cousin’s house.”