Roommate and renter horror stories in the U.S.


As a college student, we’ve had our fair share of renters and roommates. Some have lead to life-ling friendships, others have led to instant 30-day notices. For those who still live at home, read over these submissions and carefully decide if you really want to move out from mom & dads place just yet. 

I personally have had not such great luck with finding a roommate. My first girl, I (stupidly) found on Craigslist. I had to give her 30 days after I found out she was smoking weed in the living room and feeding my 12 week-old puppy chocolate edibles. Second one left food in the fridge so long I came home to maggots taking over the kitchen. Third girl swore she’d look over my cats while I was gone for a two week study abroad. She only fed them 4-5 times and never once emptied the litter box. Fourth would have 5-10 random marines come from Pendleton every weekend and party till 4am in my living room. Not so great times at my place. 

“My boyfriend and I split a place with another couple from work. We told the other girl we were going to have a friend over to watch the “Game of Thrones” finale. The girl freaked out and told us we weren’t allowed to have anyone over because she had finals that week. She said she was studying to be a doctor and her education was more important than what we were doing. The day came and we had the one friend over because we figured we pay half the rent, we can do what we want. Once she saw we had another person over, she started screaming at us for being “inconsiderate and a shit roommate” and grabbed all her books and left the apartment for six days,” said Jillian Jacobs. 

“I rented a place to a guy in Pennsylvania. He ended up having his girlfriend live there without telling me at first. It was a two story, they lived on the top floor. The girlfriend would call me every single day because she “had the feeling I wanted to talk to her.” She’d call because she fought the paint on the bottom of the door didn’t match the paint at the top. Call about a tear in the window screen, about a better refrigerator she’d seen and wanted to know why she couldn’t have it or a light bulb went out. All while I was living in California. I had recently renovated the downstairs unit and one day the girlfriend was in a drugged state while she clogged the toilet, and passed out while it ran for a couple hours and flooded the newly renovated downstairs unit,” stated Eric Drusel.

“I invited my girlfriend to move in with me after I found out she didn’t have any place to go. Just a few weeks into it, she decided to move her two young daughters in with us. The girls were 8 and 10 and they wanted a dog. My girlfriend and the time told them yes without asking me. They later came home with TWO dogs because the girls didn’t want to share. While the girls were spending alternating weeks with their dad they would leave the dogs and two newly acquired lizards at my place to take care of. Several months of this went by and when me and the girlfriend broke up, she left the dogs. The dogs were never potty trained and peed everywhere in the house. I took a black light to the carpet and it flowed on every square inch. It was so bad even the curtains were soaked half way up the cloth from it absorbing it for all that time. I’m in the process of getting new floors and finding a new home for the dogs,” said Robert Chancler.