Red Ribbon career fair

Kimberly Schaffer with AGAPE house talking to local army recruiter about students' opportunities. (Meaghan Corkill/Life Editor)

Kimberly Schaffer with AGAPE house talking to local army recruiter about students’ opportunities. (Meaghan Corkill)

The Human Services department held the 26th annual Red Ribbon career fair on campus at 11:00 a.m. October 26th, 2016. The event is held to not only promote Red Ribbon Week but to give students the opportunity to pursue work experience in the drug and alcohol recovery facilities and other human services.

The Whole Life Recovery booth was there to show students that no matter what circumstance you may be under with substance abuse, you have places to go and people to help.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” said U.R. Specialist Crystal Laseman.

As well as Whole Life Recovery, AGAPE House Recovery Centers was there to spread the word.

“I turned to AGAPE when I was young and it led me to Saddleback and get my education,” said Sarah Kelley, 30, Saddleback Alumni.

“This career fair is a great opportunity not only for people pursuing human services majors, but for everyone to get involved,” said Kim Branch-Stewart, Department Chair of Human Services.

Red Ribbon week was established in honor of Enrique Camarena, a DEA agent who was murdered in 1985. Congressman Duncan Hunter and high school friend Henry Lozano launched “Camarena Clubs” in Calexico, California for members to wear red ribbons and pledge to be drug-free in honor of the sacrifices made by Camarena.

Red Ribbon Week eventually gained recognition throughout California and later the United States celebrated during the last week of October.