Real ghosts stories of OC

Wallace Goldsmith’s 1909 illustration “He Met with a Severe Fall” depicts twins pranking a ghost from Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost.” Wallace Goldsmith | “Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde”

The lights go out and the shadows creep as the moonlight grows across the land. Halloween is just around the bend, a prime time for spooks and ghouls to come out and play.

Ghost stories are nothing new, but continue to pop up every now and then. Do ghosts really exist? Well, some people certainly do believe in the paranormal and have sworn to have experienced strange happenings within their own homes.

Here are two stories about ghosts that are sure to send a chill down your spine.

Heading into the first story, the Tello family are a family of four that lived in Orange County in an apartment complex.  Around 17 years ago, when their two children were ages 5 and 7, strange occurrences started happening around their home. One night, while spending quality time with his family, Carlos I. Tello, 45, was playing hide-and-seek with his son…or so he thought.

The apartment had a long hallway that reached from the living room to the master bedroom toward the back. Carlos Tello was the seeker and had found the small boy, initiating a chase. He ran after the boy, believing him to be his son, reaching out his arms in a playful manner and calling out to the boy in Spanish. As soon as he reached the front door within the living room, the black-haired boy suddenly disappeared.

Carlos Tello was astonished and confused at what he had witnessed. Soon after, he went into his son’s bedroom and found him sound asleep.

This little boy ghost stayed with the family for 2 more years, entertaining himself with the children’s toys.

The TV would go on suddenly, magnetic voice toys would go on in the middle of the night.  They never would see his face, but just his small figure playing and running around throughout the house. After the children grew, the little boy vanished and didn’t appear again since.

The second ghost story, shared by Claudia Tello who was told by her relative, is about a man named George and a 13-year-old boy living next door to him.  The boy and George were very close. The boy was always around him, learning and bonding with each another.

The parents of the young boy usually never allowed their son to spend the night with his friends, never feeling comfortable.  One day, they decided to allow their son to spend the night with a friend.  During that night, a fire started in the house, causing a panic. The boy was forgotten and left behind and died in the fire.

George was devasted by the tragedy, but little did he know the boy wasn’t truly gone. The boy came back as a spirit and stayed with George in his home, moving things around and occasionally throwing tantrums by throwing stuff across the room.

George’s family was freaked out about the strange events but George always knew it was the boy and addressed him with his ghost antics in the house. For the rest of his life, the two stayed together with the boy never leaving his side, accompanying him even if he moved locations. Once George died years later, the duo was finally reunited in the afterlife.