Psi Beta encourages students’ knowledge in psychology field

Valery Fregoso

Psi Beta is an honor society in the two-year level with 140 chapters across the nation, where students can gain experience and knowledge in the world of psychology.

According to the national organization’s website, “Psi Beta’s mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.”

IVC has an active chapter for Psi Beta. Students participate in a number of projects, activities and community service projects. They also have many guest speakers from the field of psychology who to the students on a regular basis.

What makes this club stand out against many others is the separate research group they have after the Psi Beta meetings.

“After our regular meetings, students break out into the research group,” Kari Tucker, Psi Beta advisor said. “Those who are interested then peruse a topic and many end up presenting their research at a conference.”

Every spring, they take a group of students to a professional conference where students in the research group present their topics in the form of poster presentations or even oral presentations as part of a panel.

“They learn a lot about cutting edge research,” Jerry Rudman, Psi Beta advisor said. ” They learn a lot about career opportunities in psychology and academic programs.”

To become a member of Psi Beta, you do need to meet the minimum requirements: to hold a 3.25 GPA, have completed 12 units at the college level and to have one of those classes be a psychology course where you needed to have completed it with a B or better. Once you pay the $50 lifetime membership fee, you become a member. This then gets noted on your transcripts

Even though this is an honor society, they allow any students to join in their meetings and take part of events they hold.

Psi Beta meets the first and third Friday a month from 12-2 p.m. in Room BST118 at IVC. In the next couple of weeks, they will be holding a call for applicants to become members in Psi Beta for the next year.