Places to study, drink coffee and lay back at off campus

Eryka Forquer/Lariat

Whether the library on campus is overfilled with stressed-out students or you just want to get the hell out of Dodge, a change in scenery might just be what you need to keep up that GPA. These are some personal favorite spots to study off campus at.  

Kona Loa Coffee

Located in Mission Viejo, this little slice of paradise is a fifteen-minute drive from campus and offers a quiet atmosphere, free Wi-Fi and Hawaiian decorations that make it easy to de-stress. It specializes in Kona coffee and imports its coffee beans from the Big Island. Another bonus? It tastes like real coffee, and not like the bitter, burnt knockoff version that Starbucks sells.  

Patch Coffee  

The string lights, a bright red shipping container and the occasional live music make this place worthy of Instagram and Snapchat posts. It gets busy here, so finding a table can feel similar to trying to obtain a parking spot at Saddleback. Otherwise, Patch creates the perfect setting to study or do homework with friends.   

Tables at Salt Creek Beach

If coffee shops or libraries seem too stuffy and you are not sure when you last saw the sun, the picnic tables at Salt Creek Beach provide a more desirable study spot. You can even get your exercise and steps in for the day as you walk back up the steep hill. Just take the I-5 South and soon you will be studying with the sound of waves crashing as background noise.

JC Beans

Another location by the beach, JC Beans is a cozy coffee shop that has all the right qualities: Good coffee, sociable staff, a dog-friendly environment and a drive thru. With an interior that feels welcoming and snug, this hidden gem makes the stress of being a college student seem a little more manageable. Although seating is limited, it has an outdoor patio and is only a few blocks away from the beach.   


While the coffee is subpar, Starbucks is always a convenient place to study at. There always seems to be a Starbucks just around the corner and you can find comfort with other fellow college students that are there.