Photography and modeling networking opening up amidst adjusting of COVID-19 protocols

A photo taken of a Nikon camera. Pixel2013/Pixabay/Courtesy

With that state of California’s COVID-19 protocols easing up, this means people in the entertainment industry are getting back to work and networking again.

I have recently be a part of some photography and modeling meetups in Los Angeles and Orange County called Storyfimz and Art N Chill. I have met so many amazing and talented people in the haunt and entertainment industry here. These meetups happen on a monthly and even sometimes a weekly basis. The groups have only started the meets back up towards the end of 2020.

I sat down and spoke to founders Jose Luis Paz, and some fellow models and photographers who use these specific meetups for networking and getting a chance to take photos as well as show off their work.

“I’ve been doing videography for five years, but I don’t really consider myself a photographer,” said Paz. “I met models and photographers from shooting with them and them knowing who I am and the stuff I shoot attracted haunt people.”

I then asked Paz why he created his Storyfilmz meetup.

“On June 13, 2019 Storyfilmz was created. I created Storyfilmz because I had the followers to back it up and I made mine different from the rest,” said Paz.

A lot of the models and photographers who go to Storyfilmz also go to Art N Chill.

I then spoke to the three admins of Art N Chill about when their meetup started.

“May 9, 2019 is when the first Art N Chill flier was dropped and the first meet was May 31, 2019.”

I then spoke to award-winning gothic fashion model Mary Nicolosi about her experience with modeling and going to their meetups.

“I have been modeling seriously for a little less than five years now. I model gothic fashion and dark art concepts including horror. I have gone to Storyfilmz since the end of 2019 and Art N Chill only since this year in 2021,” Nicolosi said.

“I began coming to these meets in either 2018 or 2019, I forget which,” said Tony Bloodworth. Bloodworth is one of the photographers who frequents both the Storyfilmz and Art N Chill meetups.

“This last Storyfilmz on May 11, 2021 is the first one I ever went to. I started checking out Art N Chill and other photo meets about a month ago,” said Cynthia Cardenas. Cardenas is a model.

I then ask Cardenas about what kind of modeling she does.

“My main themes are characters whether cosplay or one I created. I’m more comfortable in something I consider a costume,” said Cardenas.

Experienced model and cosplayer Brianna Nichole also shared how long she’s been in the industry and how long she has attended these meets.

“I’ve been doing modeling and cosplaying for about twelve years now,” Nichole said. “I just recently started going to Storyfilmz and Art N Chill to make more connections and to create more content.”

It just goes to show that even experienced models are still finding networking opportunities during these meetups and how it is a great networking experience for models and photographers of every skill level.

“I love the idea of these photo meetups. They are so much fun connecting with like-minded creatives who just want to make art,” Nichole said.

Photographers Noemi Quiroz and Raymond Loy then share how they got into photography and how long they have gone to these meets.

“I’ve been going to Storyfilmz and Art N Chill for a year,” Quiroz said. “I consider myself an amateur photographer. I’ve always had my camera with me since I was a child. When I turned thirteen I started to go to punk shows and gigs. I would take pictures of the mosh pit and the bands. Then I moved to street art and graffiti and eventually I ended up at Art N Chill and Storyfilmz.”

“I’ve been a photographer for about five years now and I’ve been going since the first Storyfilmz meetup on June 13, 2019,” Loy said.

These meets are for models and photographers of all ages and experiences. Some people I spoke to including photographer Ever Herrera and model/scare actor Salem Murillo said that they had only just started coming to these meets in less than the past year, and they have already fell in love with it!

Both Storyfilmz and Art N Chill are always looking for fellow models and photographers to come out, have fun and share their work – so be sure to follow them on Instagram! Their accounts are @storyfilmz and @art_n_chill.