Our journey through Grindr

As any good college student knows, there are plenty of social media avenues to enjoy advertisements on! You can’t even enjoy a full album on Spotify without some lady asking you to join premium. At the Lariat, we do our best to reach all of our viewers, no matter the sexuality. So we went on Grindr to find some dedicated readers, and boy were they pleased to see us! Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite interactions with the fans:

“Friends” was a lovely young man that clearly admires the media’s influence with the public. Good to hear from you, Friends!

This anonymous reader was intent on supporting our process! Sorry guy, the best news remains free to the public!

“Fernando” here was hungry for knowledge, something we love to see. Good thing we have plenty of information and campus thoughts to read!

Our newest reader was 8″dad4yngskny, and seems to be looking forward to our next physical issue! Don’t worry, buddy, we have plenty of no strings attached articles for you to enjoy between classes.

Other charming readers were quick to show their pleasure for our work, going so far as to flood our inbox with selfies of themselves reading the Lariat! Without clothing. Or the newspaper. Strangely, often in the shower. What a strange way to read!

(All screengrab credit: Beau Hein)