Orange County vaccine center employee shares information on dosing progress and anti-COVID future

Santa Ana College begins mass vaccinations as California Governor Gavin Newsom declares everyone 16 and over are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, beginning May 1. cottonbro/Pexels

Helen Greenia, an employee at the Orange County vaccine center, shares new updates regarding the coronavirus vaccine, available to all adults starting early May

As the Santa Ana College coronavirus vaccine center continues to vaccinate citizens daily, new updates from President Joe Biden reveal that all adults will be eligible for vaccinations starting May 1. According to Greenia, things are looking positive for an “anti-COVID future.” 

Greenia discusses how the work environment is fast-paced and ensures that all receivers of the vaccine are properly taken care of. Following the guidelines ordered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, employees are also recommended to be double-masked while on the clock.

“I work on the weekends, which are usually super busy,” Greenia says. “But I enjoy the business as it means more people are getting their vaccine, and more people will be protected.”

According to a live vaccine report from the Los Angeles Times, this week alone, an average of 300-400 thousand California citizens get vaccinated per day. Greenia shares that those numbers “only increase” as the days continue and more vaccines are manufactured.

When Greenia is on the job at the vaccination site, she guides traffic, schedules appointments for second doses, and answers any questions people may have. She expresses that her favorite part of the job is getting early updates regarding the rationing of vaccine doses. 

“Usually, I get the privilege to hear updates on the vaccine before most people,” Greenia says. “I found out that all adults would be eligible for the vaccine about a week before the news got out, a bonus for me as an employee if I’m being honest.”

On Friday, March 19, a press conference was held in San Francisco with community leaders. Governor Gavin Newsom revealed that not only adults but also all Californians could be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine. This statement was backed up by Newsom later while informing the audience of the increase in vaccine manufacturing. 

“I think Governor Newson is handling this amazingly,” Greenia includes. “Just at my vaccination site alone, I register about one-to-two thousand people daily.”

Greenia also shares how the vaccination site is attempting to register and vaccinate three-to-four thousand people daily in the next month. Once someone is fully vaccinated with two doses, they are eligible for certain benefits. Fully vaccinated people are free to travel to certain countries, depending on their regulations, and socialize with friends who have also been fully vaccinated without a mask. 

“At this point, I view it as a necessity,” Greenia concludes. “I know there’s a lot of people that are skeptical, but I like to look at it as that final step to finally get back to normal. To travel, see my friends and interact with people, I miss those things and would love to experience that again.”