Opinion: Giving up the quarantine lifestyle

The Meyers Fam/Flickr

After being in quarantine, there a good amount of pros and cons to look at

As Saddleback College reopens its campus in the fall, it is hard to say whether it’s a good or bad thing. After a long hiatus of not being in the classroom and only having to log into the computer at home, there may be more cons about being back on campus. No pets, no bed and no snack breaks in just underwear is a deal-breaker for being back.

Returning to campus sounds like a less positive experience for students who have gotten comfortable with remote learning. Many things were allowed at home that will have to be restricted on campus.

Waking up and rolling over and logging in to start class while still half asleep. Although this will be thoroughly missed, it will be nice to see everyone face to face. It was easy not having to change out of the same pajamas that have been worn for over a week. However, quarantine is no more, and what we were once used to is only okay when alone.

Another habit learned throughout quarantine that is not appropriate for on-campus learning would be doing things one would not generally do in public. This may include releasing bodily fluids wherever and whenever without worrying about anybody else being around. It may have been okay to use the bathroom during a lecture with the computer in the bathroom, but that will not be possible for an in-person lecture. 

In addition to that, not showering or having good hygiene may also be an issue. Sure, it was normal not to shower every day during quarantine because there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. However, it might not be the best idea to come to school without brushing your teeth or not applying deodorant. Even though students will remain socially distant while also wearing masks, it is good to make sure to abandon this habit.

Snacking in the middle of a lecture may also not be the best idea. While muting and turning off the video on Zoom made it easy to chomp on whatever was in the pantry, there will not be a mute button on loud chewing during a lecture. Although it would be nice to have that option, snacking in between classes or afterward is a better option.

This last one is quite obvious; not wearing anything except underwear. Of course, it was acceptable in the house and on a Zoom call where we only had to show our faces, but unfortunately, that will no longer be the case on campus. It was so comfortable not wearing jeans or even an entire outfit for a few months, lounging in bed all day long and not worrying about seeing people – lockdown ruined it.

Spending more time at home during the pandemic made it easy to form these bad habits. It was a lot easier to email professors about missing a deadline on an assignment than to tell them in person. Online learning is more difficult than attending in-person lectures, which makes it easier to fall behind. 

At home, there are distractions everywhere. Pets, social media and food. Being back in the classroom will have its downfalls but will also help rid those distractions. 

The pandemic opened the eyes of many in realizing that going out in public without worrying about getting sick was actually a privilege. Before COVID-19, it was easy to take situations for granted, like being inches away from somebody and being unafraid of catching the virus. Being back on campus will be different, but it will also hopefully keep students excited about their future.