On-campus movie night: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’

Students dig in to their popcorn as movie night begins at Saddleback College. (Joseph Fleming)

Students dig in to their popcorn as movie night begins at Saddleback College. (Joseph Fleming)

During the first week of school or “Welcome Week,” movie night took place Wednesday evening, giving center stage to, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.” The event was hosted by the Student Development Office and free with an ASB stamp. The showing included popcorn and an ice cream truck. Lively music invited students to unwind and socialize with others. 

“See what programs or departments we have on campus to get involved,” said Erica Delamare, president of the Associated Student Goverment. “Whether it’s student government, speech and debate, the Lariat, KSBR (Saddleback radio station), anything, just get involved so you can meet people.”

Delamare enthusiastically suggested that all students check out ASG’s pancake breakfast Wednesday, Sept. 6. Many more of these breakfasts will be held every first Wednesday of every month. ASG will work closely with the Student Health Center and all of the money raised will go towards supporting homeless students at the school.

What makes it a win-win about these events is that they’re helping people while at the same time, providing a more community-like atmosphere for the students.

“Just because you go to a transitional school like Saddleback doesn’t mean you have to go to your classes and then go straight home,” said Lucy Hendrix, former ASG president. “It’s really awesome if you can take advantage of events like this because it makes it feel more like a four year school.” 

The Student Development Office will collaborate with ASG and try to show two films a semester, displaying movies that have been released somewhat recently. Movie night will be featured throughout the year and will be located on the SSC Quad. 

For more information or updates on events check in on www.saddleback.edu.