October horoscopes: how will your astrological sign affect you?

This month comes with the ending of Libra season along with the beginning of Scorpio season which features Venus’ retrograde.

Aries: Are you ready for something new? This is your month to reach out and put yourself out there romantically. Changes are ahead for your values in relationships. All thanks to the new moon in Libra on Oct. 8. Scorpio’s beginning will put you to the test with your current relationships by figuring out your emotions, what you value most and even financial problems. With all these fluttering feelings, one emotion that will be for sure from Venus is passion. Timing could not be better for you to tell how you feel, so don’t hold back. October will be an intense month for you, Aries.

Taurus: A fresh start is just what you need, Taurus. Some inspiration will come this Libra month, such as breaking bad habits which will lead to building better habits. Libra’s new moon makes it easy to start focusing on your needs. You deserve it. But, try to hold off on spending unnecessary money. Libra’s main trait is partnership, so don’t hesitate to ask for help with something. Venus will bring back past lovers, since it is the planet of love and all. This is the time to wake up and focus on what is actually worth your time. This idea will be key to any of your relationships. Scorpio will force you into surrounding yourself with people who will always have your back. Don’t disregard these individuals because they will continually root for what is best and support you.

Gemini: Your intimate relationships and creativity may finally make a break through this month. The time to cut off ties and explain your true feelings is now, Gemini. During this time, you may feel a little bewildered about your true self. Second guessing yourself is in your nature, so keep that in mind when your distinguishing your relationships and creativity. Don’t be too hard on yourself this retrograde, it’s important to prioritize self-care in October. Stand up for what you want, but always remember to be kind while keeping your foot down. You may feel guilty or rude not reaching out a helping hand, but your time and energy is important. So really think about the deeper meaning to why you feel this way. Scorpio may affect your closest friends and may need you more than usual. Check up on them and show a little more love than usual.

Cancer: Unfortunately, your creative juices will be a little off because of the retrograde. It may be tempting to channel your creativity by impulsive actions, but please refrain. You will hate that hair cut and that extremely expensive, irrelevant decoration. It is an especially sensitive time for you, Cancer. It might make you a little moody because of the start of Scorpio season. On the bright side, this season will bring opportunities to expand on your best friends. You will feel a sense of nostalgia deepening these bonds. Dwell in those feels and turn to the next page with the ones you love most.

Leo: You are enough, Leo! This will be a dramatic month and also a month of awareness. You may feel the need to be down on yourself and therefore you need to realize your worth. You can blame it on Scorpio. It’s okay to feel sensitive because that is exactly what Venus is bringing out in you. You are the only one to heal your wounds, so make sure you fully understand how you see yourself may affect your choices now. Therefore, you consider yourself your hardest critic and during this retrograde it will be multiplied. What you need is coming, so be patient. You may feel like you are not being heard or not sure about a lot of aspects in your life but behold, Libra season comes with new beginnings. This is your time to shine in broadening your communication skills.  

Virgo: Those birthday intentions are now concrete and ready to be put in motion. You may be rewarded for what you’ve been working on for so long. This hard work will pay off financially.  Libra’s new moon will give you new plans and activities. As for how the retrograde will affect you, a certain someone may give you some anxiety. Their behavior could make you feel as if you are taking the heat related to this experience you share together, therefore making you uneasy. If you let it be and keep calm, your cool nature will lead this angsty someone to cut it out. On the other hand, an overflow of unhelpful people will occur this retrograde. Independence will be your friend this month. Scorpio causes you to speak your truth and give you the confidence you need. Nothing beats the feeling of a clear conscious and getting what is bothering you off your chest.

Libra: Happy birthday season! Your astrological full moon this month will validate all your intentions and projects you want to work on. Scorpio and your grounded second house is almost here, which causes you to really focus and prioritize these birthday wishes. The retrograde will make you realize what is going wrong in your relationships and open your eyes what you may be denying. Your mind may finally be able to rest this month as you find the solution to this problem that has been racking your mind, Libra. This result may not be what you wanted or thought would benefit you, but in time you will realize that this is exactly what was meant to happen. Once the fog clears, something magnificent will come your way once you clear your mind of this conflict. It will finally make sense after this wonderful experience.

Scorpio: Your birthday is just around the corner, so what do you want to get done before then?  Scorpio guides you into considering letting go some baggage as. It’s time to slow it down and just relax because you are going to confuse yourself. One of your best traits is your charm, so expect people to gravitate towards  you. It may even be someone you may not expect. Hold off on starting new relationships until the retrograde is over on Nov. 16. If you are in a relationship though, there could be a renewal of feelings between the two of you. Sadly, it might make you feel unattractive and not feel good in your own skin. No worries though, because it is only temporary and a result of Venus.Venus will be not so nice on your self worth.

Sagittarius: You are quite the life of the party, you fit in with anyone and everyone and enjoy every minute of it. But, this month will throw you an obstacle socially that you may not know how to handle. Try to keep your head up because this mentality could be difficult for you to follow. Once you figure out how to relate to this person, it could actually be a great experience. There could also be a chance you may never of expected and if you follow your gut, then this could be very worthwhile. You may also be introduced to new experiences for your future this month because of Libra’s new moon. This may cause you to brag about these opportunities, but that’s the retrograde talking. Try to keep these on the down-low, it will benefit you tremendously. Scorpio will be your resting season to refresh and prepare for your birthday on Nov. 22. Center your thoughts on the past events you need to clean up.  

Capricorn: When you stick to your routine it makes you feel secure. This mentality could cause you to be upset when something in your plans go wrong. Fortunately, this break in your regime will create a newer, better pattern according to the Libra’s new moon. Join a club or a league and meet new people. Stepping outside your comfort zone creatively will generate success. The planet of love and relationship will generate seriousness between you and your partner. Venus will produce a lack of compassion and a bad attitude. So when situations get tense, try to not react badly. To end the month, Scorpio provokes your emotions and will turn around and bring the spotlight on you.

Aquarius: Overthinking and insecurity controls your well being and it causes you to hold back how you really feel. This great idea you have is not something to be scared to share, so don’t let your first instinct put your idea off. Libra’s new moon is telling you just that. Positive thoughts are what you need to endure this opportunity. If you can successfully control this situation, then it would work in your favor. Some examples could be traveling, or reconnecting with old friends. Adventure awaits, Aquarius. The lovely planet Venus could trick you into thinking about what others think of you, but try not to let it get to you. Time your time deciding issues this month instead of making quick decisions Scorpio influences you to muster up courage to define boundaries with a certain someone. You’re a boss, so pivot your thoughts on business inquires.

Pisces: Shine bright, Pisces. This is your month to show everyone just what you’re capable of because of Scorpio’s effect. Instead of living in your regrets, look up to see what life has to offer you. Life may give you just what you want. You are your own hype man, you just have to believe in yourself! Venus’ retrograde will be sweet to you. A very special someone will come into your life this month. This person will instantly click with you, even though you will have some differences. Through it all, they could be a lifelong partner. This is only if you love yourself and see just how amazing you are. Family is everything, so Libra’s new moon will help you resolve this conflict this month with a family member it will be a huge relief. The bond you two share is unbreakable. It is time to end the drama and realize how important he/she is to you.