New interactive game launches at the Irvine Spectrum

Ride Crew Supervisor Cesar stands with some of the high scores behind him. Alien Asteroid will be available until Feb 18.

Ride crew supervisor Cesar stands with some of the high scores behind him. The new game “Alien Asteroid” will be available until Thursday, Feb. 18. (Matt Kirkland / Lariat)

While the “Star Wars” frenzy has calmed slightly in the waning weeks after the release of the new movie, “The Force Awakens,” one attraction at the Irvine Spectrum Center is still giving fans an opportunity to have some fun and maybe win something memorable to take home.

At The Ride 7D, participants ride on an roller coaster-style motion ride equipped with simulated laser guns and 3-D glasses to help riders navigate their adventure and destroy anything in the way. Riders must be at least 40 inches tall with other standard roller coaster safety considerations.

This attraction offers more than the space game. Their game list includes “Los Banditos,” a kid friendly game with robot train robbers. “Gigimon,” a game about a city being destroyed by a monster and their most popular game, one based on a zombie apocalypse.

For a limited time, “Alien Asteroid” riders may opt to partake in a weekly competition, according to the ride crew supervisor, Cesar.

“Every single person that gets the highest score of the week is going to take home a 4-foot-tall interactive Stormtrooper,” Cesar said.

The stakes only get higher during the final week of the contest, when all of the winners will come together on one day to play for the ultimate weekly prize, a 4-foot-tall Darth Vader.

Alyssa and Kailey, age 21 and 22, played the zombie game.

“I told [Kailey] we were going to come back and take more friends!” Alyssa said.

New games will also be added to the attraction in the future, with the next being “Forbidden Mine.” A teaser for this game is available on and any other information on the other games or tickets can be found on

The Ride 7D is located in Suite 746 near the ferris wheel in the Spectrum.