Master the most useful skill: speech

Understanding the way we communicate is an important skill for careers

Ever talked to someone and just been like “what?” A lot of times people say things that mean something completely different than what they actually meant. In places like work, school, sports or relationships it could literally mean the difference between life and death. People who communicate effectively will notice the plethora of benefits that come along.

“Communication Studies is an important field because of its intellectual and practical applications,” says Shawn O’Rourke associate professor and the co-director of forensics. “Understanding how people communicate in a variety of public and interpersonal contexts provides us with a greater understand of the social world we live in. Furthermore, because of the broad applicability of the major, degrees in the field are highly sought after when a person enters the workforce.”

Those who take communication courses will notice being more comfortable in front of others, talking in front of small or large audiences and they will be able to effectively research and cite information to back up arguments and apply theories that helps effectively communicate with people on a daily basis. In everyday life getting away without knowing the Law of Cosines happens, but can’t communicate efficiently? That sounds like a nightmare someone can’t wake up from.

Tired of losing arguments? Try Argument and Debate, it equips students with the ability to create, research, analyze, present, defend and criticize arguments. That’s useful because they happen in just about every situation. Take that mom.

Or ever wondered if there is a class that explores different relationships or emotions? Try Interpersonal Communication, the class focuses on situations that occur in everyday life and on the dynamics of communication in one on one situations. The class also goes into study of self concept, relationships, perception, listening, verbal and non-verbal communication.

“Interpersonal Communication could be the most important class that has ever been offered,” says sophomore Morgan Foster. “I think interpersonal communications helped me and other people in our class find out a lot about myself through learning about different family types, love types, friendship types and emotions. It was my favorite class that i’ve ever taken and I think everyone should take it.”

Effective communication skills are necessary in everyday life, and can be very rewarding in the workplace as well. According to the book “Interpersonal Communication Skills In The Workplace”, effective communication skills are an important element of success for every business, leader, supervisor, and employee. When communication is effective in the workplace people will experience fewer of the misunderstandings that create friction, waste time and mistakes. Good communication skills also give an edge at getting the jobs they want and help them quickly move up business ladder