Making simple recipes with a complicated schedule

( CC BY 2.0)

Nicole Bullard

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose what we can truly afford to eat. Going out to restaurants can be expensive and it’s a confusing choice whether to cook or not.

The truth is that going to college and trying to keep up with class work can be stressful, not including the fact that some people have jobs to keep up with as well.

Unfortunately, some people are so busy they forgot the most simplest parts of their day. Life can be so hectic that we don’t remember to sit down, relax, and eat healthy and good food. How can we forgot to respect the way we live, and actually put a little respect in what we eat?

It can be a hassle to cook but in reality it’s very simple to cook if its just a small event: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You don’t have to start cooking everything yourself, but it really feels like an accomplishment when you can provide your own food independently.

The belief that cooking food at home is a longer wait then ordering food at a restaurant needs to be corrected. The only time it’s going to be an extended time for waiting for food is if you cook something that has a longer preparation and cooking time. It’s great and easy to cook quick and easy recipes that can be only ten minutes worth of actually cooking.

One of the main points of making an easy meal is to pick simple ingredients. You pick a recipe that bases itself on a main ingredient. It can be a simple moment of your time where you can get nourishment and feel the accomplishment of providing yourself food.

One of the simplest ingredients to work with are vegetables. Not only being healthy, they are also very versatile in certain recipes. Vegetables are good in soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Salads are the simplest and most flexible recipes ever. You don’t always have to use a stove or microwave to make some food. Sometimes all you have to do is buy, prepare, and assemble your ingredients.

With a salad you can use lettuce or spinach. There are plenty of vegetables to add into a salad. Tomatoes and cucumbers can be sliced up and put in a salad.

You can also incorporate other non-vegetables into the recipe. Just dice up strawberries and grapes into a salad, and maybe even shredded cheese would make a salad different than just an average salad.

Simplicity is a great ingredient in any recipe. It keeps cooking time to a minimum or none at all. The simple things in life are the qualities we all eventually try to find in life. So why not start slow and make our own food that easily fit into even the most chaotic schedule.

For those who eventually want to accommodate their schedule to their cooking instead of fitting their mealtimes in between their full schedules, it’s a great way to learn the basics of good cooking. I admire the flexibility and energy it takes to plan a meal and prepare it and cook it.

Not much can be done to stop a busy schedule, but for those who want to start entertaining the idea of cooking at home more often it’s an easy start to just make salad. From there on you might expand your cooking skills while keeping a busy schedule.