Make these Southern California theme park and ballpark foods at home

Mickey shaped pancakes (Frank Rocha/Lariat)

All of us are stuck in our homes in Southern California missing out attending the ballpark for opening day at Angel or Dodger stadium and Spring time afternoons at Disneyland theme parks or Universal Studios.

Twiddling my thumbs, after binging countless TV shows, movies and taped sports from the previous year. I’m getting withdrawals, so here are a few sweet and savory items enjoyed at the ballpark and theme parks that can be made at home.

Ballpark favorites:

Ice cream sundae helmets

You can purchase your teams authentic MLB mini helmets here, which are made for your perfect sundae and a cool souvenir. Add any preferred ice cream. Top off the ice cream with Hershey chocolate syrup, more the merrier. Add whip cream on top, a healthy amount for more enjoyment. Bless it off with some sprinkles, feast and enjoy a taped baseball game from the 1988 or 2002 World Series.

Dodger Dog

You cant get a more Southern California staple of hot dog. The official Dodger Dog by Farmer John can be purchased at most grocery stores. Buy white hot dog buns, add your condiments. And yes these dogs are supposed to bigger than the bun, that’s the glory of this legendary hot dog. Enjoy with a Pepsi or a nice cold beer. And root for your team, even though the game might be two years old.

Stadium Nachos

Buy Mission Tortilla Chips. Find Rosarita Nacho Cheese. Add some sour cream on top of that bad boy. Also have a few jalapenos, slice a few and add them on top. And there you have classic stadium nachos and wash them done with a nice cold drink.

Disneyland favorites:

Dole Whip

Thanks to Disney for giving their recipe, due to their closure due to corona virus. It only takes 5 minutes to make. 1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream. 4 oz. of Dole pineapple juice. 2 cups of frozen Dole pineapple. Step 1: Add pineapple, ice cream and juice to a blender. Step 2: Start blending at low speed and increase to high speed. Blend until smooth. Step 3: To make it look just like the original use a star tip piping bag or just scoop right into a bowl. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Buy some Bisquick from the nearest market, follow directions on how many pancakes you would like. Instead of classic circular shapes, add two mini ears on the top of said pancake. Make sure are both sides are golden brown. Add some butter and pour as much syrup your little Disney fanatic heart desires.

Main Street Churros

If you remember when you enter Main Street U.S.A. the first few things you breathe in is the churro stand. There is never a bad time to enjoy these delectable sticks of cinnamon and sugar. Another item Disney provided people with its recipe to be enjoyed at home, apart of “Cooking up the magic at home.” You can find the recipe here and I can’t wait to make these at home.

Universal Studios Hollywood favorite:

Butter Beer

When Hogwarts came to Universal Studios for the first time, fans flocked to line to buy an authentic butter beer and has become a staple at the park since its inception. If you miss going down Diagon Alley and sipping this wizardly and delightful drink try this recipe and reminisce on the good times. Possibly put on one movies on TV and sip on the drink. Recipe: 12 oz. of cream soda, ¼ cup of ice, ½ cup of vanilla ice cream and 2-3 tblsp. butterscotch syrup or topping. Blend the ingredients. Serve in a cold glass and top off the beer with some whip cream.