Local high school student creates an uplifting atmosphere for fellow students

            At Laguna Hills High School walking into the women’s restroom is now nothing short of a positive experience. “What if we show more love” was what inspired Sabrina Astle, 17, to create dozens of signs, each unique with expressions of positive affirmations.

Sabrina Astle holding up one of the signs posted in LHHS bathroom/Credit Sabrina Astle

            It began with Astle’s involvement with the kindness club on campus. Looking for ways to spread more kindness across campus she began writing signs in her spare time, slowly accumulating they began to pile up until she knew the time was right.

            The campus theme of the week was “what if we show more love” and Astle knew that it was the perfect time to hang the signs. The reaction was overwhelming to her and the rest of the students at LHHS. 

“I hope that these women gain confidence,” said Astle. “For someone to walk into the school bathroom and see this I hope to make someone’s day a little bit easier and encourage students to keep coming to school.”

Not only has this affected high school teens but also a local mother and her two children, who had stopped by the school over the weekend, and made a quick stop to the restroom. She was so impressed that she posted photos of the restroom to her Facebook page, Pantsuit Nation. Within a few days it hit 52,000 likes and 1,000 comments according to Babble.

            With her overnight Internet fame articles were posted accusing Astle of taking down mirrors in the bathroom when in fact there were never any mirrors to begin with. The whole point of the day was to show more love to yourself and others said Astle, not taking down mirrors in the bathroom.

“You can read a bunch of those signs but if you can’t accept them and look at yourself in the mirror and believe it then that’s counterproductive.”

            Since freshman year she has kept a journal of positive thoughts or things that make her feel good. When Astle would ever feel down she could look back at it with a feeling of empowerment.

“I tried to think of things that I wanted to see and that’s what inspired me to create these posters,” said Astle.

            Never did she think this action would call so much attention to the media. She even talked on the phone with Ryan Seacrest for a radio interview according to Astle. With all the political turmoil happening in the world Astle believes this is why so much attention was drawn to the act. 

 “I think the world right now needs to hear something like this to bring hope,” said Astle.