Local boba shop is open for business

The Thai milk tea is one of several options available at Lake Forest’s Boba Bee. Reanna Perry | Lariat

Boba Bee’s co-owners, Thao and Rommel Trias, held an official opening of the Lake Forest drink shop in Oct. 2022. The shop is especially popular among the younger community and offers many unique teas and smoothies for anyone to enjoy. Many teenagers and adults come to Boba Bee to start their mornings off with a drink, or to refresh and relax after a long day.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own small business,” said Thao, owner of the boba shop. “We both love boba and wanted to do a restaurant type business, so having a boba shop made sense.”

 “Before we opened the store, we both had full-time jobs in healthcare, so we were hoping that having a business would allow us to have more time to spend with our children,” said Thao.

According to Thao, “Our most popular drinks are: Queen Bee, which is brown sugar crème brûlée with house special tea, and Ube Cloud which is an ube smoothie with oreo crumbs inside the cup.” 

The bubble tea shop’s address is at 25432 Trabuco Road in Lake Forest, California which can be found within Heritage Hill Plaza. The store remains open until 10 p.m. every night for its patrons to lounge in. The menu is colorful, the Boba Bee employees are friendly, and the shop is clean. The shop opens at 11 a.m. every morning and is ready for a rush at any moment. 

“I love coming here and getting boba tea,” said Laura Johnson, a 21-year-old sociology student of Cal State University, Fullerton who visits the shop regularly. “It tastes so good and is the best.”

Many families also wait in line for drinks, as tables are occupied by adults with their children. The pop music inside the store and the employees’ candid polaroid photographs both add to the ambiance of the business and its livelihood.

The Boba Bee logo printed on each tea drink resembles a honey bee smiling with a crown on its head. “Our bee logo has a crown with four points to symbolize the four members of our family,” Thao explained.

“Our second location opened in Long Beach in Nov. 2022,” said Rommel, owner of Boba Bee. “Our family has lived here in Lake Forest since 2010.” 

The second location mentioned is at 6537 East Spring St. in Long Beach, California.

The Boba Bee website states, “Our mission is to provide high quality and unique drinks that would leave the customer satisfied and looking to come back for more.”

The page then informs the reader, “Our Business Philosophy is that we put our customers first and strive to earn their loyalty through quality drinks and service. We value our employees and business associates, and we do our best to support our communities with fundraising and charity donations.”

The local business is strongly growing and thrives from a positive place in its pursuits of selling boba drinks to the public. The drinks are high quality and the service experience is courteous, according to customers who frequently visit the shop. 

The owners continue to make an effort to donate to charities and institutes that help those in need in order for people to have a greater chance of accessing resources in the world to succeed. For those interested in future charity events, the professional email for Boba Bee can be found on the website’s contact page.

Since the business’ opening, the company has remained successful. If the business keeps up with the pace that it is at, the popularity and foot traffic will continue to flourish. After all, what could be better than a refreshing drink on a sunny day?