Life as a life coach

A day in the life through a selfie by Rick Gotor

Overdoses, depression, family struggles and getting ordained are just a few of the common topics in Rick Gotor’s life. Gotor is a Christian life coach, helping young adults overcome mental illnesses, family issues and even drug abuse.

“I had a family come in, really torn apart,” Gotor says. “The son followed me outside, he said he’s never seen anyone interrupt his dad like that. He told me that when I got his dad to tell him he loves him, he’ll never forget that day.”

Gotor devotes his life to helping others and living a life of service through God. Whether it be a young man or woman, he pushes to get their lives back on track through his healing hikes, honest advice and helping them succeed in getting jobs and families. He offers coaching, gives advice and listens to these young adults to help them feel listened to.

“One of my biggest rewards is that I got ordained as a minister and married two of the boys to their high school sweethearts,” says Gotor while petting his service dog, Joey. “The rewards come in the form of broken families that are repaired as well as multiple overdoses that resulted in the young men becoming productive members of society.”

He’s had to deal with a lot of rejection whether it be stubborn children or aloof families and has learned an immense amount of patience while dealing with kids who don’t want help. However, Gotor never gives up and persists in getting young adults on the right path and introducing them to a life of service and gratitude.

“The quickest patients have been 3 months,” Gotor says. “Sometimes it takes 8 years. But they get their lives together, and they continue on.”

According to Johns Hopkins medicine, 1 in 4 U.S. adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Reaching out for help is a great start and individuals like Gotor make the path through life a little easier whether you just need a friend or need someone to get advice from. He has experience with drug addiction, depression, eating disorders and many more.

“My biggest inspiration has always been to help people,” Gotor says while smiling. “Ever since I was born, I’ve just wanted to help people.”

He mentioned the ripple effect, explaining how a life of service starts small and affects more and more people around it. Simply reaching out to others can make a difference in their life, and everyone needs a bit of support sometimes. Giving back to the community can be very rewarding, which is why Rick helps out so often with church events.

“In these troubled times that we’re in, just stand your ground and spread love to everyone you come into contact with,” Gotor says. “Love is contagious. Choose love to help others.

One young woman, Marie Lopez, has received an immense amount of help from Gotor over the past few years. They met while she was in high school, and has stayed in contact with him because of how he has made an impact in her life.

“He really did change my life,” Lopez says. “Sometimes all you need is a little positivity and a reminder that life can be really beautiful.” Life coaching sessions would be a bit different than therapy and less pressure since Gotor usually takes his kids on hikes or just in nature.

“I don’t know where we’d be as a family quite honestly,” said Stephanie Lopez, Marie’s mom. “It was a safe space for not just Marie, but for the relationships within the family”.

Gotor sees the beauty in life, and spreads love, positivity and religion within the community. Life as a life coach is unique, and each individual has their own story.