Lending a virtual helping hand – tutor for parents for online classes

Katie Cane (left) and Mick Abrahamson (right) at a school event. Mick Abrahamson/Courtesy.

This year has seen most people self-reflect, granting time to wonder what new hobbies to take on, new goals to accomplish and how to make the best out of the time stuck at home. Maryland residents Mick Abrahamson and Kaite Cane wanted to use their time to help others by providing online tutoring for not just students, but parents of younger children that struggle setting up online classes for their kids. They are providing a free service for parents that need help learning how online classes work and even tutor kids on top of that. 

It’s a completely free service because they know that time right now is pretty tough and don’t want to add more financial burdens on top of trying to keep up with their kid’s school. The couple has much experience in mathematics and is able to tutor in almost every subject. On top of that, Abrahamson has a great deal of proficiency in technology and computers that can help with parents that need help navigating online class websites and Zoom. 

We have experiences in science, math, English and history,” Abrahamson says. “My girlfriend and I just want to help those who are or may be struggling with helping their children learn on top of every other stress that has come with this pandemic, we had a lot of free time on our hands so we talked about how to spend it. I came up with the idea of helping people with tutoring.” 

They can be contacted by any means that is most convenient to the parent or student and can be emailed at [email protected] for more information and availability. Abrahamson wants to try their best to be as convenient and easy to access as possible, they want to give the opportunity to reduce stress in an already stress-filled world. 

“We can do any method that works for them and their children,” Abrahamson says. “From facetiming, phone calls, discord, zoom, what have you. and give instructions to help them get it all set up.” 

They are happy to help any parents navigate technology or tutor students in almost any subject. They are able to get to request quite frequently and quickly, able to help those in need for whatever reason. The couple hopes to lend a helping hand however they can, no matter what it is or far it might be, they are here to try to lift that one more burden.