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An empty to do list on a desk (Adam Diaz/wiki commons)

writing a to do list is an effective way to organize and prioritize daily tasks (Adam Diaz/Wiki Commons)

The top seven strategies to manage time for college students.

Saddleback College students were given an opportunity to attend a workshop led by Jessica Hernandez, from the Student Development Office, about managing time wisely on Oct. 14

The seven ways to manage time are defining goals, organizing and prioritizing, learning to say no, planning weekly, remaining flexible, creating a real to do list and focus on actions. Hernandez explained how these strategies lead to success.

“The workshop was very informative and I am going to try to listen to classical music to see if it helps me study,” said Deisy Moreno, Saddleback College student.

Learning to achieve your goals can be hard for some people, but managing someone’s schedule can help structure one’s mind to study better.  For example, for every three units, there should be two hours of studying time.

In order for college students to do better, it’s recommended to say no or no thanks when bothered with non-productive activities.  For example, if someone invites their friend to a party on Sunday night and they have a test the next morning, then that person needs to learn to stand up for himself or herself and say no with a happy smile.

Another important strategy to manage your time is to create a to do list. Tackling the most important tasks first often leads to success.

“Most important things first, serve as motivation to keep you going to do better,” Hernandez said.

Maintaining balance between work and school could be difficult, but could also be done. Saddleback College recommends five to fifteen hours a week of work for a student taking twelve units in a given semester.

“It’s hard for me to maintain school and work because I am full time at both,” said Melody Moaddab, Saddleback College student. “I try to set aside my study time everyday by spending at least an hour and a half on homework.”

Time Management is a guide for students to execute their goals. Patience and hard work pay off.

Contributed by Nina Nasr.

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