Kognito “At-Risk” Training

Sean Byrne


This training program is set up to educate students on what signs to look for in themselves  or a person that might be battling depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. If you know your are battling any of these troubling symptoms/disorders the counselors at Saddleback “want students to come talk to us” said Mike Engles. It is a fully online and fully free course that is non-confrontational  and 100% confidential, it is all available now. These disorders are extremely tough to live with and take the lives of many people every year. “Students shouldn’t hesitate to confront a mental illness by any means” says Mike Engles, a counselor at Saddleback College.

This training is free and can benefit everyone around you because knowing is the first step to making the changes. What Saddleback students would need to do to get started is visit http://www.kognitocampus.com/student/ccc, then you will click “access training”, you will then create an account using enrollment key “ccc6445.” Then from there on out follow the instructions provided.

For faculty and staff who instruct, teach and see students every day it is easy to miss the telltale signs of a struggling student without knowing the signs. The quiet students sometimes can go unnoticed but many times those are the ones most in need. The course is a bit long, 45 minutes, but if by taking this course can save at least one life then it was all worth it. That is the main idea of this program, to help save lives. For faculty and staff to get started first visit http://www.kognitocampus.com/faculty/ccc, once you are on that page then click “Access Training”, from there type in “ccc8752” for your enrollment key. From there on out proceed with the instructions provided.

Understandably veterans that come back from serving for our military over sea’s in war torn countries may have psychological trauma, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This program can help with resolving these mental struggles that these brave warriors face, this program offers full counseling that is full confidential and non-confrontational. The program can also help staff and faculty by informing them on the signs by taking this 30 minute course, they can help a vet who has gave everything for this country that we live in. By knowing signs you can approach the vet in a proper manner and get them help in the best way possible to better their life. To take this course you must first visit http://www.kognitocampus.com/vet/ccc, then go click “access training”, after that type in the enrollment key “ccc4554”, after that the provided instructions will lead you the rest of the way.

Just remember this quote said by Counselor Mike Engles “Without your mental health, how can you have your educational health?”


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