‘Knives Out’ is the movie to go see and here’s why

A movie that is ending the year with a bang.

Still from “Knives Out,” a drama and thriller directed and written by Rian Johnson.

“Knives Out” has every ingredient for a great movie. The intelligent plot, witty dialogue, immaculate cast, and suspenseful twists and turns will keep anyone glued to the screen for the entire two hours.

Every prop, actor, and shot was strategically designed for the story to flow and to throw the audience off track, how any good mystery is made. The most subtle things sing the loudest in this film which gives it an edge.

The cast for this movie was unbelievable, with such esteemed actors such as Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis, it was destined for success. Each actor was able to enhance the script to make the dialogue and characters believable and amusing.

“Every single actor was confirmed, and that was just like insane, ‘cause that just doesn’t happen,” Curtis told Vanity Fair.

These actors had every reason to jump into this film, for the material they were given was entertaining and clever. Amongst other films that have come out during this season, “Knives Out” plays with identifiable themes such as greed, kindness, and family and brings out the twisted, relatable, and comedic, perfect for its Thanksgiving week release.

Producer and director Rian Johnson made this film come alive with the web that was carefully crafted with every detail in mind. Johnson told Collider that he’d want to work on similar films and even entertained a sequel.

“I got a little idea. I got a little something. I might have a title in mind, but I’m not going to let myself say anything. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch.” Johnson told Collider.

There is so much to say about the original, inventive and invigorating film “Knives Out.” There isn’t much to say about anything that drew away from the experience, only more to add to the list of things that drew one into the conflict, including the cinematography, set design, and incredible score. Therefore, this is definitely the movie of the season and deserves every bit of praise it gets.