It’s not spooky season, it’s BRR season

Gucci Mane releases “Woptober II” and does not disappoint

Gucci Mane on stage (Steve Galli/CBS)

When it comes to Gucci Mane, albums and mixtapes drop without much time in between and very little disappointment with the final product.  This year was no different for the star. On Oct. 17, the Atlanta rapper dropped his second album of 2019 entitled “Woptober II.”

His fifteenth album has a throwback feel to some of his earlier works. The album starts with two of the recent singles released within the few weeks prior. He is even paying homage to some of the rap legends before him using the beat from 2 Live Crew’s “Hoochie Mama” on the second track on the record “Big Booty,” which features Megan Thee Stallion. And then reality sets into the energetic southern trap rap flow.

From the first “Wop” to the last “Brr,” the east Atlanta hometown legend delivers with harsh lyrics.

The first solo tune on the album not coming until track six, “Move Me,” where he addresses people making empty threats to Gucci Mane. “Gambling with the Trap God, better, not welch. He brought it on his self; he caused his death. Tryna make a death threat with a weak rep. Uphill battle, runnin’ up some steep steps,” he sang. Taking note, he is the last person to do that too.

Sharing similar views on the song “Opps and Adversaries,” the tough street mentality continues. 

The other feeling of this album is the “Richer Than Errybody” mindset, which is also the title of the opening track. With many songs referencing the riches and luxury that he has earned from his prosperous rap career.  

Most of the beats to turn to a much more bass and drum-heavy. Elements that come together to show off the Trap God’s rhythm and flow still relates to the streets that he has been apart for so long. 

The last song on the album wraps the whole album up with both of the main mentalities on full display in “Break Bread.” The chorus of the song starts as “I was dead broke, now I got that bread now,” displaying his rag to riches story. 

Unlike some of his recent works, this album focuses more on the hardcore aspects of the rapper’s life. With a linguistic flow, this album does not feature a track where Gucci Mane delivers any harmonic vocals himself. 

The Atlanta rapper has plenty of features from the very same city. With some of the biggest names being Peewee Longway, Quavo and Takeoff from Migos and Lil Baby. 

The album is coming after the June release “Delusions of Grandeur,” which was part of the top ten list in the Rolling Stone’s Top 200 album charts. The record comes as the sequel to Woptober released in October 2016. 

Before the release, very little was revealed about the album, only releasing the album cover but no track or feature list. However, a wide selection of singles with a variety of features on each one was released as the album was approached.  

Gucci Mane’s “Woptober II” will have everyone yelling “GUWOP” until the last snare hit.