Inspiration Boutique has a unique style for anybody of any age

The entrance of Inspiration Boutique in San Juan Capistrano. Sydney Cooks/Lariat

Julie Mazza, owner of Inspiration Boutique, owns two stores located in San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente and each have many rare collections from a variety of designers. Mazza has obtained many luxury brands that she and her employees love throughout her boutique.

Though Mazza never expected to run her own boutique, as an artist, and with her husband in retail for many years, she found herself inspired to open a boutique with her own style. Raising five daughters, Mazza taught her kids that dressing up is a form of self-respect, which is a reflection of her stores.

“Raising daughters, we have five daughters, you kind of show them how to live with self-respect and dressing is actually a part of self-respect,” Mazza said. “And entwined with artistic aspect, you know, being an artist I love color, I love texture, I love design.”

As an artist, Mazza has a keen eye for picking the collections that are present in her stores. As she walks around her San Juan store, she gives more insight on her favorite designers and collections.

 “This right line right here, Arotta, is a designer out of LA and she is Armenian, her husband is a jewelry designer so sometimes she pairs up with him,” Mazza said, “But she always has elements of surprise to what she does.”

With the boutique having many different styles, Mazza is able to attract a big demographic with her clothes and accessories ranging from ages 12 to 50. Her wide variety of necklaces, jackets and shoes keep customers coming back for more.

“I’ve seriously had a couple girls come on in and spend their own pocket money on clothing, age 12.” Mazza said. “I’ve had three generations, one was 18, the mom was in her mid thirties and the grandma was in her sixties, all buying together.”

Not only does her boutique attract people of many ages, but also anybody shopping for the holiday seasons that are just around the corner. Though Inspiration Boutique has sweaters throughout the entire year, Mazza likes to bring in other holiday gifts that are perfect for the whole family.

“We brought the slippers in for Christmas because that’s a great gift to give, you can take care of a few members of the family,” Mazza said. “We brought in pajamas. There are faux fur jackets that I cannot wait to get here, that’s definitely for the holidays.”

Though Mazza is consistent with her work, she is not a typical store owner. She is aware that the boutiques she opened for her community are not her only identity, however she still hopes to succeed. Meanwhile, her idea of success is where she is at with her relationships, including friends, family and employees who also feel like family. 

Mazza’s sales associates, Denise Kacura and Sue Partin, who both work at the San Clemente location, speak about the holidays and why they enjoy working at Inspiration Boutique. Partin enjoys connecting with customers and like Mazza, she loves the Arotta collection because the collection is “very unique”.

“I love being around people and I love everyone that I work with and all the beautiful clothes, and seeing the new styles coming in,” Partin said. “I’m a retired teacher and I just wanted something part time to keep my mind busy.”

Kacura is another employee at the boutique that also enjoys the company of other people and helping customers find the perfect outfit. Her favorite collection in the store is Tempo because she “relates to the style of the clothes.”

“They’re all a little different,” Kacura said.”it’s comfortable, because I don’t like things that are tight, but it’s still got a lot of style to it.”

Mazza’s store differs from other boutiques not only because of the rare clothing, but also the helpful and friendly employees. Inspiration Boutique is open for anybody who is fond of a warm atmosphere and quality clothing with a unique touch.