How ‘Barbarian’ ruins horror films

Georgina Campbell plays Tess in horror film “Barbarian.” 20th Century Pictures | courtesy

“Barbarian,” directed by Zach Cregger, allows for as many restroom breaks as you would like without missing much. While this film is seen as one of the best horror films of 2022, there was a lack of trepidation needed to be immersed in a horror film. 

A young woman who has booked an Airbnb for the night discovers that a disturbed stranger already occupies it. She is hesitant to stay the night but is made aware that sleeping outside in her car is not safe. Later on, you realize she has more to fear than her new housemate when they discover together some suspicious and unnatural settings in the basement. In typical horror film fashion, she explores the house and comes across something the viewers won’t be able to predict. 

While the movie has a star-studded cast set out to make it a big hit, it did fall short. With Bill Skarsgard and Justin Long being two of the leads, I expected to be wowed, especially because of Skarsgard’s role in “It,” where he gave it his all playing Pennywise the clown. I expected a stellar performance when all I got was the Walmart version of a horror film.

The movie’s plot is very unexpected but lacks the fear factor you are searching for and instead is replaced with a cringe-worthy surprise. It seems as if the director thought of this idea on the day of the shooting. I would not recommend seeing this movie with any of your loved ones because you won’t be able to look each other in the eyes for at least 3 business days following the film.