HOROSCOPES: Your guide to what’s up this month in astrology

Expect the Eta Aquarids meteor shower, a New and Blue Moon for an interesting turn of events in May

ARIES: This month will bring new beginnings and bittersweet endings for you, dear Aries. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower from May 5 to May 6 bring romance as a peak focus for the month. Focus on what you need romantically specifically. The New Moon occuring on May 15 will cause reflection on what obstacles can be removed or worked past. During your time of introspection, be certain to indulge in new and exciting activities. Your adventurous and lively personality will benefit from some much needed R&R.

TAURUS: Romance takes the center stage this month, passionate Taurus. The Eta Aquarids from May 5 to the Blue Moon on May 21 highlight romantic affairs. The energy from both of these events makes the perfect setting for a first date for singles or a date night for couples. You will also see a boost of positive activity or growth in your financial pursuits. Consider asking for that promotion around May 21. The Blue Moon will have you radiating your dependable, patient and persistent nature. Employers and those in charge of monetary decisions will not be able to resist you.

GEMINI: The theme of self-improvement will be your focus this month, dear Gemini. You certainly can be adjustable or flexible to new ideas or plans. However, it can be hard for you to dedicate your time to long-term projects. The New Moon on May 15 will provide the push needed to think about future plans. Use self-reflection to focus on what plans or projects you can follow through with realistically. Fear not, the Blue Moon will bring lots of social activity this month giving you time to focus on special relationships.

CANCER: Home happiness will be your central focus for the month, faithful Cancer. You certainly can be quite the homebody. This is the perfect time to focus on that attribute. Most of your energy will be drawn inward for the month. Consider what factors in your life you can change right now for life improvement. The Blue Moon on May 21 will create an air of generosity around you. Your loving, protective, and faithful qualities might attract romantic interactions to conclude your month.

LEO: Consider this month multifaceted in the areas of romance and creativity, optimistic Leo. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower in the beginning of May along with the Blue Moon on May 21 will bring romantic plans and ideas to fruition this month. For single Leos, if you have had your eye on a specific person, now is the time to engage. For coupled Leos, use the energy this month to communicate your feelings to your partner. The Blue Moon will also peak your creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

VIRGO: Health becomes pivotal for you this month, dear Virgo. Your tendency to be quite the perfectionist might have you burnt out at the beginning of the month. Self-reflect or reevaluate your consistency to procrastinate on important projects during the New Moon on May 15. Try not to be too hard on yourself, your perfectionist nature might be limiting your energy though. Consider focusing on the positive mental and physical changes you can create this month. The Blue Moon will end your month in a creative tone. Your reliable and trustworthy attributes will make communication easier to approach this month. Use this month to self-reflect, recharge your batteries and reach out to loved ones. Focus on yourself, Virgo.

LIBRA: Focus on communication this month, charming Libra. Your ability to be diplomatic, just and tactful will have friends and acquaintances drawn to your magnetic pull. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will begin your month on a romantic tone. Use this time to focus on your romantic relationships. Later on, the New Moon on May 15 will bring future projects to fruition, consider reaching out business professionals or experts for help. The month ends will the Blue Moon having you focusing on developing healthier communication with your loved ones.

SCORPIO: Psychological healing becomes the theme for the month, intuitive Scorpio. Consider what you might need to improve your psychological health. Remind yourself of your focused, brave and balanced nature when reflecting inward. Try not to be too hard on yourself. On a lighter note, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower and Blue Moon will have passion at an all-time high throughout the month. Use that time to establish or groom positive personal connections with friends, loved ones and important acquaintances.

SAGITTARIUS: This month will bring much-needed positivity to multiple departments in life, generous Sagittarius. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower in the beginning of the month will have you excluding a lot of flirtatious vibes. People will find or large-hearted personality irresistible. The New Moon on May 15 will have you shifting gears. Consider why your deposition to become bored easily occurs. Try shutting off social media outlets at the end of the month for a much needed spiritual and social recharge.

CAPRICORN: Consider breaking your disciplined inclinations this month, practical Capricorn. The combination of the Eta Aquarids and the Blue Moon create a plethora of fun social activities throughout the month. An unplanned trip or vacation might prove to be resourceful and create the new energy needed to embrace certain projects or ideas. This month creates a timeframe to recharge your batteries through social engagements and activities. Loved ones or acquaintances might be able to reflect with you how to make healthy changes at home and work.

AQUARIUS: Your energy consists of looking at the bigger picture this month, dear Aquarius. Consider questioning your impact to your community and society during the New Moon on May 15. What positive attributes do you bring to loved ones in your life? Try expanding those attributes or traits to the rest of your community. The Blue Moon at the end of the month will have individuals aware of your contributions and embracing your positive disposition. An important figure might be keeping their eye on you in consideration to a new, community-based opportunity.

PISCES: Focus on reality, instead of daydreaming this month, imaginative Pisces. This month will bring forward the energy needed to make your deepest dreams come true. The New Moon during the middle of the moon will have you focusing on establishing or nurturing relationships that can prove to be helpful for future projects. Consider letting go of the energy that can be metaphorically holding you back. The Blue Moon brings sentiment to the table this month as well, Pisces. Your sensitivity and kindness towards those closest to you will be exposed and highlighted at the end of the month. Consider nurturing yourself and loved ones at the end of the month.