Homecoming King and Queen chosen for Saddleback

King and Queen (Alyssa Hunter)

Evelyn Caicedo


Jordan Larson, 21, business administration

Why did you run?

I ran for the prize it was $150. I thought it would jump-start my chess club.

I plan on making T shirts, buying a new marble chessboard for the school, and student, and also I am planning on buying a new chess clock.

Why do you think you deserved to win?

I am the student trustee, so I am very involved in the school. I know the issues going on in the school and the district since I have been going to Saddleback for four years now. Plus I know a lot of students, so the school would only benefit to have me be Homecoming King. Also, I have put the money to the best use.

What did you think of your competitors?

I felt that they were all bright students and they will go far. But honestly, they didn’t stand a chance against me I have a very efficient strategy for students to vote.

I think that they are very important to our school because they bring our school together and want to be involved in different parts. I would like to see more people like them at our school.

Why did you make a new club and what are some goals for this semester?

I got bored playing on a computer so I wanted to play real people. I made this club to meet cool new friends and I wanted some competition. My goal for this semester is to educate other students about chess and to hopefully travel to compete against other schools around the area. I plan to have a Chess Club dance at Saddleback next semester.

What are some of your personal short term and long term goals?

Short term: I hope to transfer next fall and go to UCI to study business administration with a concentration in accounting, but I will also apply to San Luis Obispo.

Long term: I want to earn the CPA (Certified Public Accounting) license and own my own business one day.

Why accounting?

I am really good with numbers. I have been a life guard for the past six years and I am always in the blistering sun. I wanted the opposite of life guarding which is indoors, in a cubical, and is low risk.

Why did you choose Saddleback?

I thought that attending Saddleback would be a great opportunity for me to mature before going to the next level while exploring all other possibilities before graduating.


Sydne Ames, 19, theater

Capo Valley 2011

Why did you run?

It was a chance for ASG to get more money and for students to get more involved. I think we can do more activities for the students.

What do you hope ASG does with the money?

I gave the money to the whole of ASG, so hopefully they will focus it on outreaching to the students for the student body to get more involved in all the events and athletic activities. Just so students can get in tune with what is going on at Saddleback.

Why do you think you deserved to win?

Olivia and I were doing it for ASG so we were all good sports about it. I just wanted someone from ASG to win. I wanted to the money to go to all of ASG because I don’t think it would be fair to favor one branch over the other.

What did you think of your competitors?

They were all really nice and they were all really good sports. We all supported each other. It was a great group of people and were all doing it for a good cause.

As an ASG member do you have any goals this semester?

I am the chair of ICC so I would like to see all clubs get involved in ASG hosted events and bridge the gap between us and them and not just be

What are some of your personal short term and long term goals?

Short term: My whole family went to Saddleback and then transferred to UC Berkeley, so that would be my short-term goal. I want to transfer in 2013.

Long term goal: My long term goal is to do theater for the rest of my life.

What is your future career path?

I want to become a theater teacher at a high school or a middle school.

Any last words?

I would like to thank my running mate Jordan Larson. He was really awesome about networking and getting our name out. He was a really awesome supporting running mate.