Homecoming alive and well at IVC

Ryan C. Smith and Jessica Arnaldo were crowned king and queen at IVC’s 2011 Homecoming. (Kimiya Enshaian)

Kimiya Enshaian

Irvine Valley College celebrated Homecoming 2011 and announced their new king, Ryan C. Smith,19, business administration and queen, Jessica Arnaldo, 20, development studies, at IVC’s Hart Gymnasium on Feb 16.

The winning king and queen were announced during their basketball game’s halftime, which was played against the Saddleback College Gauchos.

While finalists anxiously awaited the basketball game’s halftime to hear the results of nominations, their fellow school mates warmed up before the game with free In-N-Out meals, cotton candy, and an array of activities all paid for by the school.

In-N-Out’s on-the-go food truck parked in front of the school’s gym a little before the pre-game fun. Their arrival alone had students swarming over to get their free burgers and drinks.

While listening to DJ The Wanderer play some of the latest songs, groups of friends waited to capture their images in the photo booth.

“I’m excited for this event, and I’m glad that there’s free food,” said Matt Weinstein, 28, kinesiology. “This seems to be a good way to get the kids at school to come together.”

While Weinstein was familiar with why the food and activities were being provided, a few students did not understand the meaning and purpose of the college’s homecoming event.

Connie Zhong, 30, arts, was unfamiliar with homecoming but when the event was explained to her, she said “I’m excited to see this event. It will be interesting to know what homecoming is all about.”

Activities such as face and body painting, video game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), miniature basketball as well as golf were also quite popular throughout the event.

As game time approached, the gym’s doors opened, and students could see inside as the basketball players practiced and loud music echoed through the gym.

The crowd trickled in to the gym, taking a seat and finally getting to watch the climax of the whole day. The homecoming court processed in, sat at their designated places, and posed for photos.

By halftime, Saddleback was in the lead 32-10. With that, a red carpet was rolled as the people in the crowds hollered the names of their favorite candidate.

Both teams walked off the court and in place of them came the 10 finalists.

It was then announced, Arnando and Smith were 2011 homecoming king and queen for IVC.

Devin McGee, student development office assistant, said that the final two winners were “a secret to the school, as well as the candidates themselves.”

Both were all smiles as the cameras took pictures of them accepting crowns from the previous king and queen.

IVC and Saddleback students watched the rest of the game, cheered for their teams, and others stepped out of the gym to congratulate the winners.

The game ended with the Gauchos winning 65-46.

For many college students, homecoming is only an event to reminisce about from their high school years, but this event is still alive and popular on the campus of IVC.

Free Food (Kimiya Enshaian)