Hangover tips from 21+ students in Orange County, before COVID-19


Hangovers are a normal part of the college experience. Hangovers are defined as the way someone feels after getting mildly or extremely trashed off of alcohol. Everyone deals with hangovers differently and there are so many interesting ways to remedy that day-after human garbage feeling. Students shared their thoughts and comments on hangover remedies.

“Bottomless mimosa brunch. Figuring out what happened that night by watching Snapchat stories. Get Mcdonald’s after brunch. Take a tipsy nap. Go out again. The cycle repeats.” – Angelica Ramo, 22.

“Pickle Juice! A cold shower always feels nice too, wakes up my senses.” – Lauren Van Camp, 23.

“All I gotta say is to drink the bartender’s hangover remedy: ginger ale, bitters, lemon and lime. For hangover hangovers I do pedialyte and excedrin and when my stomach settles I go and fuck up Denny’s” – Isaiah Broussard, 22.

“Keep drinking.” – Kade Coure, 21.

“When I am about to go to bed I eat a ton of food. I may or may not throw up after it just depends but usually the food ends up saving my life the next day. Then the next morning I chug a pedialyte then try to drink a gallon of water. Ya, I party like a rockstar at night then try to be healthy the next day ya know?” – Josh Tab, 21.

“If it’s really bad just throw up then go back to bed.” – Ciarra Glover, 21.

“Honestly I like to try to chug a bottle of water before bed and take 4 Advil. And then when I wake up, I drink more water, take more Advil and eat fatty foods like hash browns, toast, and eggs cause for some reason I think it helps soak up the alcohol and then I go back to bed.” – Ellie Reed, 21.

“I drink Pepsi or like any caffeine. I feel like it wakes me up and takes me out of that weird hungover haze.” – Sierra Moore, 21.

“Okay the single best move is this stuff called the Liquid IV is the very best solution. That and drinking a shit ton of water before you go to bed.” – Hunter Wade, 21.

“I swear by coconut water. That stuff makes you feel so hydrated again.” – Taylor Anne, 24.

“First, hydrate with Pedialyte, Gatorade or water. Then eat Chicken noodle soup since it’s starchy and has a meat based protein, bananas since the potassium helps with an antioxidant in your gut same with eggs and pickles too, avocados since they’re super fruits. If you are up for it maybe some light exercises or sitting in a sauna to sweat it out, only if you are hydrated! Then lastly just sleep it off.” – Pierce Buckland, 21.

“I try to drink as much water as possible the same night. I like to try and match the amount of drinks I’m having with glasses of water.” – Kailash Kumar, 22.

“Greasy Mexican food, lots of water, sleep, hair of the dog, Advil.” – Asia Vince, 24.