Halloween fashion show informs students of what is hot and not

Evelyn Caicedo

From the looks of the Halloween Runway show at Saddleback College Monday in the Quad, there were many examples of characters to wear this fall.

All students that didn’t get to watch to show are asking some big questions, what trends were shown, what is hot and what is not. The “What is Hot” list included zombies, cats, werewolves, vampires, or a scary costume.

“The Halloween Style department really came through this year in their runway show,” Emma Zombay, 20, witchcraft said. “It is so nice to finally see the models strut werewolf wear.”

While the new album of Count Dracula and Mike the Zombies blasted through the speakers, the first model Kaylob Hunt, 20, cynology came out with a werewolf costume and scared the entire audience to pieces Zombay said.

“The first piece was to capture the audience’s attention,” Zombay said. “For this look we wanted it to attract both men and women on campus. The full body suit will be very popular to wear.”

The second model, Emmett Scarame, 22, potions, wore a vampire costume which audience members seem to gravitate toward.

“I loved getting to model the vampire costume and the campus seemed to love me in it too,” Scarame said. “It is more than a costume for me, I finally get to be a character I have admired for many years. I will definitely be wearing it on Halloween”

When the flashing lights and purring began, viewers knew that the cat costume was next to take the stage.

“I was so fierce on the catwalk. I knew I had the best costume in the whole event. Many students will wear my costume after seeing me in it,” Zara Freight, 18, felinology. “The designers, Frank and Mary, reinvented the older version of the costume and transformed it to something amazing.”

Last on the list to show was the zombie attire.

Mellow music set the runway and model Coral Black, 25, education stumbled toward the audience in her teared up clothing and black makeup.

“Being last to walk was very nerve-racking for me, but I think I did a good job acting like a zombie,” Black said. “The contest at the end of the show will tell all.”

The contest will determine which costume got the most votes and what students will wear this fall.

According to Zombay, if students do not wear one of the outfits on the runway it is important to stay away from princesses, inanimate objects, and super heroes as they are not in trend this fall.

“What I got out of the runway show is to be a character from Twilight or Teen Wolf and I will be in-fashion,” said Kyran Hale, 19, biology, an audience member. “I always follow the Halloween Style department every year, because I like to be the coolest person trick-or-treating.”

Complete costumes from the runway show will be sold at the College Halloween Store near the Student Services Center bookstore for $10 or more.

The departments next runway show will feature holiday wear for the winter season. Stay tuned if the “grandma sweatshirt” will be in or out of style.