Gourmet burger babes hit the road in style

Baby’s Badass Burgers food truck will be serving gourmet burgers at Saddleback in the SSC quad today from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Former restaurateur of New York, Erica Cohen, and
event planner Lori Barbera intertwined their experiences and love for food by creating burgers.

“I had been searching for the perfect, quintessential cheeseburger since I was a little girl,” said Cohen, on creating the “Simple Original Beauty” burger.

Barbera has produced dozens of events for Lauren
Conrad of MTV’s The Hills, Comedy Central, Paramount, and Dancing with the Stars. She’s left her mark in the entertainment industry in person and via social media which has helped BBB sky-rocket to success.

“In addition to planned public
stops communicated in advance to our followers via Twitter, we will be
accepting reservations for private events and parties,” Barbera said.

Each item on the menu has been named to fit the glam girl persona BBB has marketed themselves as. The Bombshell, The Cougar and Pig Tails Curly Fries are a few of the creative names on the menu.

“It’s been fascinating to witness the trend over the last decade of the
gourmet burger being added to many high-end restaurant menus, and even
more fascinating to appreciate consumers didn’t blink at an exorbitant
$15+ price point,” Cohen said.

“Now, with the recession, that
consumer perception around value is reversing course. Baby’s Badass
Burgers, which strips out the hard costs of a traditional restaurant,
allows us to deliver greater value at a fraction of the cost, more
conveniently, without compromising restaurant-level quality. It’s a
win-win-win from studio heads to college students to late night revelers
looking to satisfy their gourmet burger craving.”

For more info. on the BBB girls, visit http://www.babysbadassburgers.com.