Get ahead on spring cleaning

Early spring cleaning can lead to a less stressful spring and summer. Sydney Cooks/Lariat

As spring approaches with its many activities such as picnicking in the park, gardening or hiking, it’s easy to miss out on these things when you have not done your spring cleaning. Whether it means cleaning your closet out, scrubbing your floors or reorganizing, it’s never a bad idea to get your cleaning done so that you have more time to do the fun stuff.

To get your spring cleaning done and out of the way, a solid checklist of chores and extra time on hand will set the right pace. Getting a head start can be beneficial in more ways than one. Spring cleaning can lead to a more organized and relaxed atmosphere around the house.

Once the checklist has been made, make sure to set aside a certain amount of time. Whether that be a day, a week or even a month’s worth of spring cleaning, finishing the task at hand will allow more time for activities. Benefits from having a clean area can include a clear mind, more space to store things or more room for decor.

An article written by Erin Doland says that a cluttered space can keep you distracted from your original duties. Clutter also “limits your brain’s ability to process information and makes you distracted.” Researchers at Princeton University did a study on spring cleaning and what it can lead to.

The study, using “physiological measuring tools to map the brain’s responses,” shows that a clear space can result in having a clear head and that “you will be less irritable, more productive, distracted less often and able to process information better.”

Procrastinating spring cleaning and leaving it until who knows when may lead to an even messier space. Depending on how much spring cleaning needs to get done, it never hurts to create a less stressful area.

Not only can a clean home help with thinking straight, but there are also a lot of health benefits that can help too. A study done by the National Sleep Foundation shows a “19% chance that you will sleep better when you have a clean house and make your bed regularly.” 

Before spring plans start creeping around the corner, get some cleaning supplies out and storage boxes ready for some decluttering and deep cleaning. There is no better way to start the spring season off than not to have to think about cleaning.

Early spring cleaning can be lots of fun, although thinking about it sounds dreadful. Just turn on some music, and with a blink of an eye, the closet, pantry and garage will be cleaned out to enjoy some time with family and friends.