Five things that you MUST bring when you’re traveling

Plane Flying In The Sun

Photo by Pixabay

There are many things you must consider when you’re traveling. What to bring, what the weather will be like, time of year, etc. Here is the top 5 things you MUST bring when you’re traveling:

  1. Passport Duh… We know you won’t get very far without it.
  2. Camera, you make your memories last longer using a camera to take photos.
  3. Appropriate clothing, depending on the temperature on which you are traveling.
  4. Money Belt, it is a fanny pack type system where it goes around your waist inside your pants. This helps when you are traveling to another country so you won’t get robbed off the street.
  5. Map of place you’re visiting, this is good so you know your way around without asking complete strangers and they respond in different languages.