Five music genres to inspire you throughout the rest of the semester


Nick Youngson at

As we are focusing on getting through the last few weeks of the semester, it is important to keep up in classes which can be done easily with great music choices.

Although each person differs with how they focus on their school work, music tends to be a top studying style for many. Not only can music help you relax when studying can stress you out, but it tends to help a student get in the zone. This is not the case for everyone though, as sometimes it can be distracting.

With the right playlist, you’ll be on track to a great studying habit. The type of playlists to help motivate you to study hard for classes is just what is needed to finish up the semester. Let’s take a look at some of the top inspirational music genres to get you through the semester. 

  1. Classical 

As many of you may know, classical music is actually good for the brain. This is due to the calming effect that is released from this type of music. Not only is it a calming experience, but also releases dopamine.

Classical music is known for so many different benefits. Classical music can help with sleep patterns, and stress. It can also help with soothing the brain. These are some very needed benefits when going through the stressful times of keeping up grades. 

When it comes to classical music, it is important to notice that this is the type of music that will make you feel at peace. Studying can stress oneself out a lot, so classical music will help reduce that stress. 

2. Instrumental

Instrumental music can be a fun type of music. It isn’t too calming, but still has a calming effect. 

Sometimes hearing lyrics in a song can be distracting for some people. If this is the case for you, then you will study really well when listening to instrumental music. 

This type of music is really good when it comes to activating both sides of the brain. This is an adequate way to maximize the memory. With that being said, obviously this is great for studying!

3. Calming piano music

Within the word calming already in the name, you’ll notice that listening to  some simple calming piano music will help calm one’s mind. You may even experience mood improvements with so many benefits included!

With that being said, studies have shown that listening to some calming piano music will reduce chances of depression. This will lead to a better cycle in your life, considering you will enter a positive mindset when you start your studies.

4. Soothing

A different approach to studying can be quieter playlists that are soothing. Sometimes too much going on in a song can be distracting. A calm song that soothes the brain and body is sometimes just the remedy needed.

Some nowadays call this type of music a “new age” which consists of optimism and relaxation! This is exactly what students need when a big exam is coming up.

5. Smooth jazz

One great perk about a smooth jazz playlist is that it is great for encouraging concentration. The relaxation that comes from this type of music helps activate brain waves that other types of music won’t do. It’ll help reduce anxiety too! 

This music can be really upbeat and inspiring for studying. You may see mood improvements when listening to a playlist with this music. Some say they even feel an increase in creativity when listening to smooth jazz music!

Within trying your best to continue strong through the last of the semester, remember to come back to this article when in doubt. These music genres are great for the best of your studying habits. Safe studying!