Farmakis Farms farmers market

Entrance to farmers market Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

Farmers markets are a great way to support small businesses and discover local foods. Farmakis Farms is located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano and is a family-owned Christmas tree farm and certified farmers market. Coming from a long line of European farmers, this farm has been passed down for many generations. Starting Nov. 25, the Christmas season will begin and trees will be for sale.

Before the Christmas festivities begin, the farm has the farmers market decorated for fall. With plenty of options to choose from regarding local vendors, there is something for everyone. From hot sauces, clothes, handmade jewelry, and fresh fruit, there can be something found to satisfy anyone. A tractor parked outside the barn is open to anyone looking to take some pictures.

Fruit stand at the Farmakis farmers market Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

Danielle Ferrari has a handmade jewelry stand and a variety of pieces. . From necklaces to chunky rings and crystals, there is plenty to choose from.  As CEO of Ferrari Designs, Ferrari,  was more than welcome to explain what crystal does and the benefits. Ferrari has been making jewelry for many years and started showing off her small business at farmer’s markets in Southern California.

“I am here every Friday and also set up my stand at the Dana Point Farmers Market to promote my business,” said Ferrari.

Danielle Ferrari’s jewelry stand at the farmers market Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

One of the small businesses at the market was Chone, which makes handcrafted batches of hot sauce. Cultivated by Wendy and Paul Bridgman in Laguna Niguel, there was a surplus of sauces for hot sauce lovers. Testers are available to test if high-quality sauce is up to par. Their hope is to make natural but delicious sauces that go well with any food.

“It is made with the same attention to detail and all-natural fresh high-quality ingredients in a locally owned commercial kitchen,” said Bridgman.

Chone hot sauce stand at Farmakis farmers market Alexa Amaya-Baylon | Lariat

If cooking or baking with fresh produce and products is something that sparks an interest, this is the place to go. The Farmakis Farms farmers market has fruit to make dishes even better. The farmers market is open on Friday’s 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Starting Nov. 25, the Christmas tree farm will be open and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.